Time is intrinsic and like water it flows where it wants, does what it wants.  Time has its measure upon us whether we want to believe in it or not.  Time always goes on.  Things that may seem irrelevant to us now, time throws back at us later, as if some cruel joke…while other things, the things that matter to us most, time keeps hidden away in yet the same cruel joke.

So what are Mortals to do?  Mortals do what they always have done.  They bond in friendship and calling.  They come together in feast and worship, and just to have fun.  Mortals live life and let time take care of itself.

I can not begin to thank all the people who have contributed their time, money, ideas, and efforts to Worlde Arcane.  I will only tell you that the community you have made and make daily is still here and going strong.

The concept of Worlde Arcane has always been to be a place for like minds to meet, a community of writers and storytellers to gather and play the type of game they love so much, freeform role play.

Worlde Arcane is about each and every one of you who touches it.  This Worlde is our bond, no matter what age, sex, race, or religion. Together we make Worlde Arcane, what it was yesterday, what it is today and what it will be tomorrow.

Worlde Arcane is simply about people who love to create.  And together, we have created this place aside from time.

I thank you all for making Worlde Arcane.

RW Felty
Worlde Arcane Reborn May 2021



Sincere thanks go to the myriad PLAYERS of Worlde Arcane, both past and present, too numerous to list by name, creators of the the story threads from which our game world is woven.

Many ARTISTS from around the world have given permission to use their images on the site. They have our gratitude, and we strive to include credit for their work on each picture.

Many of the behind-the-scenes developers of Worlde Arcane, in alphabetical order, are listed below. If we have left out anyone’s name, it is an oversight; please send us a reminder!

~ Adara ~ Aerin ~ Anya Daystar ~ Anya Silverspear ~ Argroww ~ Ash ~ Brodaic ~ Coia ~ Corryn ~ Cthulon ~ Darken ~ Dristen ~ Dyess ~ Eddellyn ~ Edric ~ Eireprince ~ Eyvind ~ Graeme ~ Havok ~ Irihi ~ Jeirnys  ~ Jepsen ~ Jvenne Blackflanks ~ Kabrin ~ Khibion ~ Kylira ~ Kymera ~ Lady ~ Lakun ~ Leopold ~ Melgarath ~ Mihtona ~ Nightshadow ~ Nog ~ Oelric D’vyrrhe ~ Richard ~ Ruka ~ Shadowleaf ~ Skuli ~ Sophos ~ Sphinx ~ Tiriki ~ töff ~ Tombulak ~ Wedif ~ Wyrm ~ Sir William ~ Xantha ~ Xerestal ~ Xiao ~ Ydove ~ Yuriko

Timeline of Mystery & Magic 1995 – 2013

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