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The Syltumal Estate

The Front Gate

At the end of the long, hedge lined driveway sits the Front Gates of the Syltamul Estate. An ornate recreation of the Syltamul family crest created by the finest Elvish craftsmen in the region, is intricately interwoven with the wrought iron bars, making the gate as beautiful as it is sturdy. A small guardhouse sits nearby, overseeing all of the comings and goings to the estate. Beyond the gate sits the Syltamul Estate at the end of a circular driveway.


The Estate Grounds

The grounds surrounding the Syltamul Estate are meticulously maintained, with flower beds and well-kept gardens adding a pop of color here and there. A truly impressive hedge maze boasts a gorgeous garden hidden at its heart, should one be able to navigate the labyrinth. It is well known that the hedge maze was the pride and joy of the former Lady of the estate, the late Mistress Isabella Syltamul. Many hidden nooks and secret gardens can be found if one explores the vast estate grounds. Well trod pathways also lead to the Stables, Servants’ Quarters, and the Lord’s Hunting Cabin, all of which are set further back on the grounds, just inside the treeline to the small forest edging the estate and out of site of the main house.


Estate Interior (Ground Floor)

The interior of the Syltamul Estate screams of olde money and generations of prestige. Portraits of the Syltamul Family, all of whom held positions of power in Liathildor, line many of the hallways. Thick carpets protect the polished hardwood floors, and one will find many antiques decorating tables and bookshelves. The work of many famous Elven painters (all originals) crowd the walls. The ground floor is home to the Kitchens, Dining Halls, Sitting Rooms, and the Guest Quarters. The East Wing is made up of a series of lavish ballrooms that can be opened to connect with one another. It is here where many grand parties are hosted, including the (in) famous Syltamul Masquerade Ball.


Estate Interior (Upper Floor)

The Upper Floor of the Syltamul Estate is much the same as the ground floor in terms of lavishness and grandiosity. The only difference being that the top floor of the estate exclusively belongs to the Lord and Lady of the estate. A grand double staircase wends its way up to the second floor, meeting in the middle of a shared landing before veering off to separate wings. The upper West Wing belongs to Lord Callon Syltamul, while the upper East Wing is the domain of Lady Amarice ap Nudd-Syltamul.


The Syltumal Estate

Set far back from the smoothly paved roads that connect the properties of the lesser Elven families, is a long, well kept driveway lined on either side by rows of meticulously maintained rosebushes. At the end of this road lies the vast and sprawling Syltumal Estate, belonging to one of the most powerful noble Elven Families in the region. Past the guardhouse and the sturdy iron gates, one will find perfectly manicured lawns and lavish gardens tucked away amidst the many acres that have been owned by the Syltumal family for many generations. The main house is a lavishly furnished affair that dominates the grounds, with stables, servant's quarters, and the like set further back. The current Lord and Lady of the estate are Lord Callon Syltumal and Lady Amarice ap Nudd-Syltumal. (Rumor has it that theirs is a marriage of convenience and politics, and that there is no love lost between them...)