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The Tangled Roads to Ufaeria

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The Tangled Roads to Ufaeria

There are a great many subterranean entrances to the Underneath from Ufaeria. A period of peace between Elves and Drow has brought burgeoning trade to Botherel, Rondor, and The City of Ice. While most of the underground routes are still plyed by Drow, yew will find the occasional surface dweller treading them as well. 

The Dwarves of Morkoorod and Sharnn have dug their own tunnels to connect to the underground trade artery.

There is no main road between the Shifting Caverns, Botherel, and the surface cities of Ufaeria. Instead, a maze of fractured caverns and tunnels--some enormous, others tiny--wend their way upward toward the surface world. The closer one comes to the surface, the more barren the tunnels. Some attempt has been made at placing signage to aid travellers, but an experienced and trustworthy guide is still the only sure way to get where yew want to go

An increase in trade in these tunnels has also led to an increase in banditry, usually by goblinoids or renegade drow, but occasionally by surface-dwelling races as well