Today is of the Cycle Of The Seventh Moon.
Current Season & Month:  , Year: 543 A.R. (ref)

The Lorimar 4: The ...
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The Lorimar 4: The Northern Green League

The Northern Green League is 4 days from Kiana and 3 days from Churt. Some say the forested hills bordering the Lorimar here are the northern reaches of Daelows Wood. Others claim they are the western groves of the Green Forest. Still others would say they are the eastern edge of the Western Waste. In any case, there are a lot of trees and competing gangs of brigands; Uman, Goblin, and Orcan. Solo travellers are at great risk in these stretches. If not in the company of an armed caravan, it is best to tread lightly and appear to be more trouble than yew are worth. To the West is the windswept Breeze League. To the East is the Goblin Stretch. West To: The Breeze League East To: The Goblin Stretch

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