Today is of the Cycle Of The Seventh Moon.
Current Season & Month:  , Year: 543 A.R. (ref)

The Lorimar 16: The...
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The Lorimar 16: The Seven Oaks Mile

The beginning and end of many a traveller's journey, the Seven Oaks Mile is the part of the Lorimar within a day's walk of the Free Port of Seven Oaks. The road here is broad, clear, and well-travelled. It runs through low rolling coastal hills covered in long seaside grasses. To the south, the flashing waves of Vericule glimmer between sand dunes. To the north the hills roll away until the grasslands give way to the borders of the Dark Forest. Seven Oaks lies to the West, and the Breeze League of the Lorimar stretches East. Large merchant caravans often gather in the staging grounds just outside the gates of the free port. Their escorts, and occasional patrols of the militia from Thousand Oaks keep away brigands and highwaymen. West To: The Free Port of Seven Oaks East To: The Lorimar 15: The Seabreeze Road