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A welcome breeze

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OOC: From Festing Lanes


Rigel awoke early and completed his morning rituals.  The day was glorious, high white fluffy clouds lazily made their way toward the east across the bright Azure skies.   After a few hours walk he could sea the ocean to the south.  Rigel had noticed a small wagon headed the same direction but a goodly distance back.

This was the first time he has seen the ocean in years and he found himself looking out over the waving grass toward the water, smelling the slight salty tang of the sea.  He watched and enjoyed the sun on his until a wagon crossing in front of him suddenly brought him back to reality.  He must have been daydreaming for quite some time. 

The wagon carried a man looking to be in his mid thirties, a boy around 13, and a girl around 9.  As they approached the Driver hailed.  "Hello friend."

"Greetings,  May Faran bless you.  Might you tell me how far to Seven Oaks?"

The man stopped the wagon and jumped to the ground.  Extending his hand he said "Sten,  Sten Hardison."

"Rigel" was the simple reply

Sten continued "Seven Oaks is about a day way.  If you care to you may ride.  We are going most of the way there.  You can sleep in our barn, sorry but no extra room in the house.  Get your self a fresh start in the morning you will be in Seven Oaks before you know it."

"Thank you for your kind offer Sten.  I shall take you up on that offer if you don't mind"

Sten waved his hand toward the wagon and once again took the seat.  Once it appeared Rigel was settled in they began to move ahead again.  A few hours later they pulled off the main road to a smaller one and a quarter hour later he heard the excited screaming of children.  Rigel turned to see 9 children laughing and cheering and headed toward the wagon.

Sten leapt from the wagon and hugged each child giving each a kiss.  "Rigel, this is Ezra, Emmitt, Caroline, Elmer, Mavis, Grey, Mable, and the twins Violet and Viola.  You already know John and Deb. 

Rigel watched as for the next hour Sten played games with the children.  when they finished Ezra accompanied Rigel to the barn and a short time later he returned with a large bowl of vegetable stew and a chunk of bread.  Rigel ate his fill and turned in for the night.  

Rigel rose the next morning praying and exercising then went to ward the house to return the stew bowl.  As he moved toward the house a maker at the base of a large Maple tree caught Rigel's eye.  "Here lies Mary, wife and mother"

 Hearing no activity, Rigel placed the bowl on the step along with three copper coins,  Prayed to Faran for blessings in this household and started back to the main road.


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