Today is of the Cycle Of The Seventh Moon.
Current Season & Month:  , Year: 543 A.R. (ref)

The Lorimar 15: The...
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The Lorimar 15: The Seabreeze Road

The Seabreeze Road is 5 days from the Great City of Terajin and 2 Days from Seven Oaks. The Lorimar turns Westward toward Seven Oaks and Northward toward Terajin here. It winds through coastal grasslands near the sparkling Vericule. Welcome winds from the ocean cool travellers most days. Hills, some wooded, some grassy, roll away to the North and the borders of the Dark Forest. To the south, the sea can be seen glinting between sandy dunes. East To: The Festing Lanes West To: The Seven Oaks Mile

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