Today is of the Cycle Of The Seventh Moon.
Current Season & Month:  , Year: 543 A.R. (ref)

The Lorimar 10: The...
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The Lorimar 10: The Terajin Shadowpath

The Terajin Shadowpath is 2 days from Terajin and 4 days from Greater Daelows. East of the great bridge over the river Uiopa, the Lorimar runs past the walled city of Zabarzh. Standing on a hill above a bend in the river, the terraced gardens surrounding the city march upward like emerald gems. They are filled with well-tended orchards heavy with fruit and the long rows of vinyards filled with glistening grapes and berries. The splendor of the walled gardens of Zabarzh stand in stark contrast to the penurious slaves that tend them. The road is broad, flat, and busy with the traffic of traders and merchants from all the lands of Aniada. East To: Bridgewest West To: The Terajin Mile

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