Today is of the Cycle Of The Seventh Moon.
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The Kingdom Bridgeways

The Syltumal Estate

Set far back from the smoothly paved roads that connect the properties of the lesser Elven families, is a long, well kept driveway lined on either side by rows of meticulously maintained rosebushes. At the end of this road lies the vast and sprawling Syltumal Estate, belonging to one of the most powerful noble Elven Families in the region. Past the guardhouse and the sturdy iron gates, one will find perfectly manicured lawns and lavish gardens tucked away amidst the many acres that have been owned by the Syltumal family for many generations. The main house is a lavishly furnished affair that dominates the grounds, with stables, servant's quarters, and the like set further back. The current Lord and Lady of the estate are Lord Callon Syltumal and Lady Amarice ap Nudd-Syltumal. (Rumor has it that theirs is a marriage of convenience and politics, and that there is no love lost between them...)


The Kingdom Bridgeways

Along the coast south of Lithildor the great cliffs at the Western End of Pirate's Gulf are riven by deep cold lochs and canyons. Rivers and streams from the temperate rainforest of the Lesser Falcon cascade into the dark waters, their mists mixing with the fog that rolls in from the gulf. The walls of granite are honeycombed with caverns and dotted with cliffside dwellings. A webwork of smoothly-paved roads connect dripping vineyards, terraced farms, and country estates of the powerful Elven families of Lithildor. Great stone bridges soar over cloud-filled chasms and more than one secret fortress keep or walled cloister of the Mystics of Greyhaven lies hidden in this land of mists and magick.