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Gates of the Keep

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Twin braziers flank the gate for illumination at night with Embrasures and arrow slits on the ramparts covering the entire area before the gates.



Vidar Brand


The summons that Vidar had received in Thapelel had told him to proceed with all haste both rider and horse showed the wear.  Horseshoes that had been replaced in Seven Oaks where already needing replacement and the tack though spotlessly clean needed refurbishing.  The rider was not in much better shape the odd styled cloak from Thapelel was beginning to show signs of wear and the pack behind the saddle was cinched tight showing the skimpiness of its contents. 

 Vidar stopped and patted a dusty but groomed main of the horse, “Well done Kavalei” he said in a soft tone the two had made the trip from Thapelel in almost record time.  “Today will see you in a stall with fresh hay and oats.” the horse tossed it head as if in agreement, “Yes, yes with time spent in a meadow full of green grass and time to rest.” the horse snorted approval of Vidar's promise as Vidar motioned the horse to continue forward.  

Vidar stopped a bow shot length away from the large double doors framed by two braziers that filled the predawn with their reddish light. He shouted out “Hoy guard of the keep” within seconds a voice boomed from the ramparts accompanied by the creaking sound of bows being drawn. “Whom calls at this late hour of the night?” Vidar lifted his gaze upward and a broad smile blossomed upon his face at the sight of the figure that barely cleared the embrasure of the rampart.  He calling out in reply, “Captain Vidar Brand late of the Thapelel contingent reporting as ordered.” He watches as the figure peered over the embrasure trying to confirm the report, “Rarona perhaps if they provided you with a box, you could see that your friend has come home.” he finished. Within moments the massive gates began too slowly open. 

OOC: To the outer Keep. 

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