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Star Circle Intersection - Maze Crossroads [Estate Grounds - EAST]

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(Syltamul)Star Fountain MAZE(EstateGrounds)

Star Circle Instersection

(Maze Crossroads)

One of the two crossroads one must go through in order to reach the heart of the labyrinth.  You’ll know you’re in the right place by the circular star pattern inlaid into the ground with a bird bath at its center.  The other intersection is The Pointing Boy Statue.

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Eddellyn Wynterleaf 

[OOC: Continued from The Music Parlor [Estate Interior: GROUND FLOOR] ]

Travel bypassing the way of Isabella's Hedge Maze - Entrance [Estate Grounds - EAST] with the intent to get to the heart quickly without dragging out the walking parts.

Wynterleaf traded stares with Daeth for what felt like an indeterminate time, she could feel the full bearing of his gaze as he probed hers as if seeking something… perhaps hoping for a display of emotion or reaction to judge how this unexpected reunion affected her. In the time before she had lost her hand, she would have thrown herself into his arms and confessed all her regrets and made tearful apologies should he have followed her but now all her tender emotions were sealed within a stone fortress of resolve, as inaccessible in this moment as the moon in the sky. Should he probe deep enough, it would be evident that regrets still lingered, as did a general wariness over seeing him, but happiness and love were absent, a curious void where nothing else bloomed in their place. 

Despite her earlier misstep on walking into a room before checking it first, she had been a good thief and knew the best way to hide something was to pretend nothing was amiss. She doubted much that it would work with Daeth, he had known her more intimately than anyone else and not just physically intimate, he had seen into the depths of her soul, but she nonetheless tipped her head back and boldly returned his probing stare with one of her own, delving into those amethyst depths resisting the urge to shy away from their shifting depths. He was the first to break contact but she felt no victory in that, she had been just as vulnerable in the exchange, leaving herself open to reveal the state of her composure. 

Wynterleaf prided herself in not flinching when he lifted a hand toward her but Daeth wasn’t attempting to touch her instead he caressed the fabric of her dress between a thumb and forefinger. She remained still as the first words from his lips washed over her, slightly teasing and knowing, the sound of his voice just as she remembered as the timbre resonated in her being. 

Caught off guard by her reaction to his voice, it took a moment to register that his first words were not a greeting but that he knew it wouldn’t be her choice to be gowned and attending a masquerade. That much was true, would always be true, but the implication that she hadn’t changed and she was predictable didn’t sit well with her, even as she ignored the exasperated voice in the back of her mind that said he was completely correct in his assessment about the clothes.

The next thing she noted was that he’d used her name, not the one she went by now but the one that she had stopped using the moment she lost her hand, and that more than anything did serve as a reminder that things were different. She had changed in more ways than just the physical in the time since she last saw him. Her eyes flashed momentarily but she held her tongue as he stepped back. 

Not here, he’d said before forging further into the maze. 

She studied his retreating back and took note that his hair was trimmed short and felt a simmer of resentment over that fact. Why that upset her more than anything so far, she couldn’t say but it did; he’d once said he’d cut his hair for her should she ask. Stupid dreamer that she'd been, she'd subconsciously laid claim to those braids - had he also said the same to another?

As Wynterleaf silently followed in Daeth’s wake, she considered what possible outcomes could be gained from this meeting. Where did this evening lead? Could they truly speak rationally and honestly to one another and then part ways at the end of the night? She was painfully aware that the clock was ticking on this encounter. She couldn't forget her purpose of being at the Estate, of being in Ufaeria, to track the person or persons responsible for using magicks that caused mass casualties. The vow she made to prevent such occurrences, to thwart mages and deny them their tools to wield magick over the lands, weighed heavily on her conscience perhaps more in this moment than ever. Could she say what needed to be said and then walk away from Daeth, again? Tonight could be the closest opportunity she had had finding those responsible for Kiana, otherwise, she would be back to throwing a dagger blindly into the dark hoping she could locate the Greymaster. 

It was evident that Daeth was familiar with the hedge maze as he expertly led them deeper inside, navigating through the interesting paths without hesitation. At one such intersection, she thought he might have paused long enough to ask a question - Are you sure?  

Was she sure?

No. For someone that tried to always be sure about every action, she wasn’t convinced this was a good idea but she had to see it done.


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