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Isabella's Hedge Maze - Entrance [Estate Grounds - West]

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(Syltamull)MAZE MAIN(EstateGrounds)

Isabella's Hedge Maze

(Maze Entrance)


Dominating much of the Western Estate Grounds is the famous Hedge Maze of the late Lady Isabella Syltamul.  Vast and sprawling, the Hedge Maze is easy to lose oneself in, but should one want to try their luck, there are many secret offshoots and fun surprises to find within this twisting labyrinth.  There are two well-known intersections that one must pass to get to the true heart of the maze: the crossroads of The Star Circle Intersection and The Pointing Boy StatueEven still, it can be tricky to find the very center of the maze.  You’ll know if you find it, for the center of Isabella’s Hedge Maze boasts a garden that people have described as, “an explosion of color”.

The garden at the heart of the maze was Isabella’s pride and joy and one can tell that much love and care was poured into its curation. 

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