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MAIN BUILDING - Mintha Square [Winkelstith Polytechnic Institute]

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Winkelstith Polytechnic Institute [SHAARN Anthos]

Shaarn Anthos

[Commercial District]


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Baron K.V. Winkelstith

Polytechnic Institute of Medical Science

Main Building

"Aut viam inveniam aut faciam"

("I shall either find a way or make one")

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Baron K.V. Winkelstith Polytechnic Institute of Medical Science

Sitting on a prime piece of real estate in the heart of Craftsman Quarter in the center of Mintha Square, is the Baron K.V. Winkelstith Polytechnic Institute of Medical Science.  It is a stately building constructed in a neo-classical style, with grand, architectural flourishes that lends it an air of prestige.  By far, the building's most distinguishing feature is the row of four decorative statues that stand proudly atop the roof and overlook the front entrance.  The statues make the building distinct and easy to identify from almost any point in Shaarn Anthos, making it one of the most recognizable landmarks in the city.  

The presence and prestige of the Baron K.V. Winkelstith Polytechnic Institute of Medical Science, reflects the preeminence and importance of the man for whom the building is named: the esteemed Baron Karmen V. Winkelstith.
Baron K.V. Winkelstith is a gnome of consequence and high standing in the whole of Shaarn.  He is a Master Craftsman and innovator, who  commands the utmost respect and is held in the highest regard by his peers in his field. 
Baron Karmen V. Winkelstith (Achievements, Accolades, & Philanthropy)

Winkelstith wields great power and influence in Shaarn, and is renowned for both his innovation and master craftsmanship in the blended fields of medical biomechanics and surgical engineering.  He is recognized for his ingenuity in the study of biomechanical limb replacement, and is responsible for many breakthroughs in the field which seamlessly blends science, magic, and surgical operations to extraordinary results.  To date, his magnum opus is a procedure that fit a pinioned Aeros with a set of biomechanical wings, successfully restoring their power of flight.
The procedure with the Aeros put Winkelstith on the map.  The surgery was considered such a mind-blowing success, that both apprentices endeavoring to earn their master certification in the field of biomechanical craftwork, and expert chirgens (surgeons) seeking to advance and/or refine their skills travel to Shaarn from all across the worlde for the chance to observe and learn directly from the Master Craftsman at the Baron K.V. Winkelstith Polytechnic Institute of Medical Science.
In addition to his ingenuity and master craftwork in medical biomechanics, Winkelstith has built up a sterling reputation throughout Shaarn due to his many philanthropic endeavors.  He is responsible for funding many small think tanks in both the medical and scientific fields, and has donated large amounts to both Shaarn Anthos and Nalos to ensure that the city remains on the cutting edge of technological advancements.  

Most would cite Winkelstith's philanthropic work with the poor and disadvantaged, as the true reason why the Master Craftsman is so venerated by the people of Shaarn.  He is celebrated for his generosity towards those who have been maimed or have suffered the loss of a limb, and lack the financial means to restore their quality of life.  He has performed innumerable life-changing procedures for these people, though his focus on aiding orphaned children and destitute youths is particularly noteworthy.  Suffice it to say, many lives have been altered irrevocably at the Baron K.V. Winkelstith Polytechnic Institute of Medical Science
Despite the institute's traditional, neo-classical exterior, the interior facilities are exceedingly modern and filled with state-of-the-art technology. The sub-level surgery suite, however, has a distinctly Gothic feel.  Some have likened it to something straight out of a Mary Shelley novel, but despite its Gothic appearance, everything in the sub-level operating theater is on the bleeding edge of magic and technology. 
The sub-levels are closed to everyone except those to whom Winkelstith has granted access.
The main lobby and the ground floor labs inside of the institute are occasionally open to the public, but usually it is not.  Most of the time, it is closed to everyone except for those who have journeyed to study under Winkelstith.
For those rare occasions the institute is open to public viewing, Winkelstith has hired dedicated staff to answer questions and take people on highly curated, guided tours through the public-accessible areas of the building. 

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Baron K.V. Winkelstitch Polytechnic Institute
Advanced Technology (ground floor)

BaronPrivateHospital [SHAARN Anthos] v3

Research Division (ground floor)

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Surgical Recovery Ward (ground level)

Surgical Suite (Recovery Ward) [SHAARN Nalos]


Medical Scientific Research Lab (ground level)

Medical Scientific Research [SHAARN Nalos]


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