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The Red Devil Den - Gambling Den [Casino Zone]

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Red Devil Gambling Den (SHAARN NALOS)

Shaarn Nalos

[Casino Zone]

From:  Red Light District - MAIN HUB

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The Red Devil Den 

Gambling Den

The Red Devil Den is one of the most frequented gambling dens in Shaarn Nalos.  Although it is a less polished gambling experience than you'll find at at some of the glitzier casinos in the Red Light District, people come to The Red Devil to do two things: drink and place wagers.  The Red Devil gambling den is unique in this regard, because it is the place where anything can be bet on--anything. 

  • Do you want to bet on whether or not the current chip leader playing Hold'em at the next table over will finish their mead in the next five minutes?
    • Go ahead, the House will take that bet
  • Do you want to make a proposition bet to try and predict how high the bidding will go in the upcoming Donor Auction at La Banque du Sang's exclusive Bidding Lounge?
    • The Red Devil Den will ensure that betting pool sees plenty of action before the closing line.*


In short, you are guaranteed to find a bookie who will take your action, no matter how ludicrous the wager. 

The Red Devil gambling den is also the only place where one can officially place bets on The Oubliette's highly lucrative Champion Title Fights, at least one night ahead each nightly event.  Please note that betting on The Oubliette's Champion Title Fights works differently than the type of action that's taken for standard fighting matches, boxing events, pit fights, etc.  When the Oubliette announces a new champion, they offer special action to any patron who agrees to place a bet on said champion, sight unseen.  This is considered to be a high risk, yet very high reward wager by many gamblers and bookies, and yet is potentially so lucrative that fortunes have been won and lost betting only on this special action. 

The Oubliette's special action
Essentially, those who take the risk on The Oubliette's special action, are entered into a progressive jackpot where one's wager placed before or on Night#1, will automatically be rolled over with increasing multipliers for each following fight.  Patrons who place a bet on the Champion Title Fights prior to or on Night#1, must also choose an Over/Under side bet (covered by the House) as to the minimum number of nights and the maximum number of nights that particular champion will last.   Each fight after Night#1 has an increasing multiplier, with different factors affecting the size of the multiplier that will be applied to your bet.  Factors include: the size/amount of the bet; whether or not subsequent bets have been placed after the original wager; whether the bet was placed for or against the champion; etc.  It's important to note that only  those who have placed a wager on Night#1 can benefit from the rolling bet and increasing multipliers.  Any bets taken after Night#1, will function as the usual wager placed on any standard fight or boxing match.

* Note: The House (aka - the gambling den) always takes a cut of the earnings or wager, which will be discussed with the bookie beforehand

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