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Purple Tree Meadow ...
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Purple Tree Meadow - Alpine Meadow [SHAARN]

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Alpine Meadow (Purple Plants) [SHAARN] (1)

Purple Tree Meadow

An Alpine Meadow

A beautiful alpine meadow sits at the foot of the perpetually snow-covered, 'Ninconin Peak'.  A wide stretch of vibrant green grass is interwoven with bursts of rich, lilac flowers that carpet the meadow as far as the eye can see.  A single, purple tree rises like a lighthouse out of the sea of viridian and lavendar, making it an easily recognizable landmark.  Overlooking the meadow is a snow white mountain peak.

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Verhyd Duellar Umbr'm IV

- A tiefling running hiking up that hill -

[From: Verhyd’s Lab - Main Building [Winkelstith Polytechnic Institute]

The trek out of the Shaarn Anthos center took some time but Verhyd enjoyed the change of scenery and the wide-open sky, a stark contrast from the underground terrain of Shaarn Nalos and a pleasant alternative to sitting inside his office all day. As he climbed higher along the peak, the more the temperatures dropped, but one benefit of his heritage was that it took a bit longer before he felt the effects of the cold. However, the wind picked up nearer to the mountains’ peak and he nonetheless pulled his collar higher; no one enjoyed a chill breeze running down their neck, not even a tiefling with unnaturally hot blood. 

By the time Verhyd arrived at the meadow, flurries were in the air and the field was covered in snow, but it didn’t deter him. The meadow was on the leeward side of the mountain and gained some protection from the worst of the cold and the plants he sought would be well preserved under the snow and ice. 

Verhyd tapped a hand on the pocket where Gorze was sleeping. “Wake up, amicus. Time to earn your rent.”

From within his coat, the fire weasel made a lazy stretch before he popped his out of the gap where Veryhd’s coat buttoned in the front. It took only a glance of their new surroundings to pitch the familiar into a frenzy of excitement and with a squeal, he wiggled himself from under the coat to drop down into the powdered snow. With a flash of red, the fire weasel was racing across the field, bobbing up and down, leaving a snaking trackway in the snow in his wake.

Verhyd allowed the familiar to have a few minutes to play, using the time to dig through the snow nearest to himself and check the ground cover hidden beneath the blanket of white. Satisfied that they would be able to find what they needed, he straightened and gave a sharp whistle, calling Gorze back to his side. 

“You know the drill, we’re looking for pyrethrum and neem. These are the ones.” He held out a hand with scraps of the two herbs to give the animal the scent and the weasel darted off like a bolt again, bounding through the meadow. Gorze disappeared beneath the surface of the snow at intervals until he found what he sought, his head popping out with a chirrup now and then, to indicate he’d located the plants. 

With Gorzes’ help, it only took a bit more than an hour before Verhyd felt he had an adequate supply of the herbs, with a few extra besides, and deemed it was time to return to the city. The cold was making itself known now, his boots and the hem of his coat were soaked through and even Gorze was looking a bit damp around the edges by the time he summoned him back to his side. 

“I’d say that has earned us both a hearty supper; maybe even a mug of ale to go with it tonight!” With the lure of a hot meal ahead of them, the journey back down to the city passed much faster than the ascent.