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A good nights sleep

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OOC: From Seven Oaks Mile

Rigel patiently waited in what had turned into a long line of people seeking to enter Seven Oaks.  There was  a somewhat lengthy delay when one uhm...gentleman, had a loud and animated conversation with the guards who ultimately sent him away denying admittance.   

It had been a few years and countless hours of reflection since Rigel had been in a city as large as Seven Oaks.  People milled about looking at wares of street vendors and in shops.  As the midday sun rose high Rigel stepped into the Town Square area.  Seven Magnificent trees lined the area and being near them brought Rigel joy.  That was until a bird shat upon him.  

It was then Rigel decided to find a room and bed for the night.  It had been a long time since he had slept on a bed and not the hard ground or a rope pallet.  Tomorrow he would set about finding some sort of meaningful employ...tonight, a hot meal, good sleep and maybe even a bath...


OOC: To Seven Oaks Inn

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