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The Common Room

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“Speed has never killed anyone, suddenly becoming stationary… that’s what gets you.” 

Jeremy Clarkson


Looking back at  the manner in which the exotic felinoid with the dark-rimmed, amber gaze; easy, bold confidence; and sleek, elemental allure had suggested the race, it’s difficult to say if it’d been a calculated bit of social engineering, or simply a spur-of-the-moment idea.  For his part, Chatte gave no indication if he was pleased that Oneshot agreed to the race, or even that he particularly cared that he’s basically stirred up the whole town with one simple, purring sentence.  And ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether or not the catboy’s proposal was carefully devised and deftly executed, or whether it was said on a sudden and outrageous whim: the outcome was a foregone conclusion as soon as he’d uttered the words on his rolling purr.

His words might as well have been a book of lit matches that he threw directly atop a powder keg, skipping the wick entirely.  The effect was immediate: before Oneshot could even reply to Chatte’s eccentric proposal, the Patrons of the Seven Oaks Inn exploded into a frenzy.  The idea of a footrace against a horse was too weird and provocative to be ignored, the prospective spectacle of it enough to make even the most dour curmudgeon salivate.  By the time the dwarf had agreed to his terms (race included) the excited energy of the Inn had already spilled beyond its walls, word of the race spreading through the streets like wildfire. 

When Oneshot and his Scout departed the Inn to prepare for the race, they were followed with great fanfare by most of the Inn’s patrons, some with a mind towards securing a prime spot along the chosen route, while the rest simply aimed to keep the drinking and revelry going.  At this rate, there would be rioting throughout the Streets of Seven Oaks if the people didn’t get their promised spectacle.

Nothing to do but give the people what they want.


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Chatte didn’t immediately follow Oneshot and the bulk of the patrons out, hanging back for a moment to take advantage of the quiet, now mostly empty room, to get ready for the race and contemplate the hornet’s nest he might have just kicked.  He looked at those left in the Common Room, seeing only Castor, the Saint Siblings, and a few drunks who’d only managed to stagger to the next table over before slumping into a chair and passing out.  And of course Mug, the bartender, to whom Chatte had delivered something earlier that morning.  The smuggler made his way back over to the bar, pausing near the eyepatched man.  Mug looked at him appraisingly, amusement sketched across his features.  He shot the catling a grin that was part admiration and part disbelief.

Jeezus, I can’t believe yew’re gonna race a horse,” Mug said.  He whistled.  “The stones on yew, I swear! It’s a wonder ye can even walk!”  The bartender barked out a laugh.  Chatte only gave a sharp grin in response and raised a shoulder in an expressive shrug which seemed to say, ‘Surrrre, why wouldn’t I?’

The catboy leaned over the bar and pinned Mug with a pointed look, something predatory and distinctly feral flashing through his amber eyes.  “I need to change forrrr the rrrace,” he said. “I trrrust my gearrr will be safe if I leave it herrre, temporrrarrrily?” It’s a sort-of question, but not really, with the expectation that his gear would remain unmolested, strongly implied.  Mug nodded and Chatte said, “Good.”  He drew the word through his teeth as he bared them in a not-quite grin that promised he could and would easily take the man apart, piece-by-piece, should anything happen to his stuff.  After a moment of intense scrutiny, the courier seemed to be satisfied.  He placed a hand on the bartop and vaulted over to the other side, landing smoothly and prowling to the same back room he visited when he’d first arrived at the Inn.  

When Chatte emerged after five or so minutes, he'd changed out of his outfit.  He was now shirtless and dressed in only a pair of loose black shorts that fell to about a handspan above the knees, socks, and the same running footwear he’d had on.  Looking at him now, one thing was immediately clear: the catling wasn’t nearly as thin or lanky as was implied by his clothing and the usual way he carried himself.  He had a long torso and an ideal waist to shoulder ratio, with broad shoulders, well-defined, lean musculature, and powerful legs.  He carried his sling backpack in one hand, which he handed to Mug.  He also handed the bartender what looked like a good amount of cash.

Place a bet forrr me,” he said, catching and holding Mug’s eye.  “Be discreet.  Put down the entirrre amount on me winning…” he paused, glancing around. “No contest. Tell people that yew think I’ll pull ahead in the final strrraightaway.”  The bartender nodded, taking the courier’s bag and stashing in a safe place under the bar.  He took the money and looked at it skeptically.

“Yew really think yew can beat a horse on a straight run?” he almost laughed.  “Sure, whatever. I’ll place yer bet - it’s yer money."

Chatte turned away with a flick of his tail, stalking to the exit.  He looked back over a broad shoulder at Mug, pausing with one hand on the door.  “Forrr the rrrecorrrd, I don’t plan on losing.”  He flicked an ear towards the sound of the crowd calling for him outside.  Have a pitcherrr of waterrr waiting forrr me at the finish line.

With that, Chatte pushed open the door and exited the Seven Oaks Inn with the swish of his black-tipped tail, as the crowd outside began to cheer in anticipation.


[OOC: Chatte to go and pull a Need for Speed against a horse in the Streets of Seven Oaks]

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Castor was quite pleased at this turn of events and looked at the new friendly strang… no… maybe acquaintance now. 

He bit his lip and asked, “Is this something you can do? I mean… if you say you can…I believe that.” The catman had gone away and come back, and the transformation could not have been starker.

”Place one for me, too, Mug.” He exchanged most of his savings for a wager slip.


Then he too went out into theStreets.

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