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Rules: Tell More More About "Wither Goest Thou?"

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Stay within Worlde Arcane's atmosphere of medieval fantasy, with swords and sorcery -- *without* gunpowder, steam engines, lasers, or alien starships.

Each player has his own idea of what "Swords & Sorcery" means. The intent of this rule is to keep gameplay within a consistent framework of medieval fantasy.

Including inappropriate elements in our stories causes disruption and confusion. Other characters will respond with withdrawal, correction, or ridicule; game Nobles (moderators) will respond with reminders to remain within the confines of the milieu.

Some content that has been generally deemed unacceptable for the game:

Power mechanisms, such as steam engines, electric motors or batteries or generators, gasoline (e.g. internal combustion), etc. Magick is the primary power source for those who can command it; others are stuck with water-wheels, tension mechanisms (e.g. crossbows, trebuchets), or beasts of burden (e.g. horse-power).

Space travel and other planets. Although the Moon plays a part in our game, deep space and the vacuum-void between worlds and the entire concept of stellar systems and galaxies is yet un-thought-of by the denizens of Worlde Arcane. Other worlds might exist, but they are in alternate dimensions, and accessible (rarely! and at great expense) by portals or dreamwalking rather than by pressurized vehicles with rocket-power.

Modern science, including chemistry, physics, electronics, plastics, biomedicine, aeronautics, etc. Instead, in Worlde Arcane, the odd sage might have learned bits of lore in the arts of Alchemy or Herbalism, or in obscure schools of Magick. Whether a character can locate such a sage is another matter entirely; locating a scroll containing such lore would likely produce nothing intelligible for the average adventure.

Players are encouraged to research the Middle Ages for further insight into the mundane game setting; but bear in mind that, although Worlde Arcane is medieval in technology and society, it is also rife with wizardry.

If you are in doubt as to whether any particular element is suitable for Worlde Arcane, please email Mentor.

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