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Rules: Tell More More About "Wait For Me, George!"

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Give other characters time to react to what your character does. Do not attempt to complete an unreasonable number of actions in a single post, and allow time for others to post their reactions before you post more of your own character's actions.

If you post and are looking for a reaction, wait for that reaction! Unlimited posting doesn't mean "give a short amount of time for response and then move on." It does mean, "Don't push a storyline far, far ahead without waiting for others to repond." Different players will post at different intervals; the faster-posting characters must allow the others to contribute and act within the storyline.

If the other characters in your group are too fast or too slow for you, you should probably try to find a different group to write with.

There is, however, an objective limit to the amount of time a player must wait: please see the "Missing Players" Rule.

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