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Rules of Play

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 The Golden Rules

  • Keep Real Life in Real Life (RL). Do not bring politics, your relationships, your life into this milieu. Try to keep your bias, RL opinions and preferences out of your writing, even in jest. Absolutely NO RL politics, religion, current events, or anything else similar in discussions, satiric characters, objects, expressions, comments, jibes, images, representations of politics, etc.. A post of this nature may make you summarily mysteriously disappeared. Our community will not tolerate it.


  • Keep To Your Own. Write only for your own characters and their property. Do not write actions or reactions for other players’ characters or property.


  • Keep It In Character. All scenes should be storyline narrative only. Any Out of Character (OOC) conversations should be held in the storyline's OOC thread, by email, or by private message.


  • Keep It Correct. Proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation within the vernacular of Worlde Arcane is encouraged.


  • Keep It Clean. Romance encouraged, aggressive conflicts allowed; descriptive sexual scenes, pornography, gore, or excessive and offensive violence will not be permitted.  Violations/Violators may be removed without warning.


  • Keep It Civil. Last but not least: treat your fellow writers/players with respect. No flames! Characters may be as evil as they wish, but players must behave civilly.


The Rest of the Rules

These rules help to protect and define the Worlde. They protect your character and help make everyone experiences enjoyable. 

1. Play your own character(s) only. Don't post actions or reactions for other characters; don't post for their possessions or creations. Control only what you create. Tell me more...

2. Stay within Worlde Arcane's atmosphere of medieval fantasy, with swords and sorcery -- *without* gunpowder, time travel, steam engines, lasers, alien starships or super heroes. Use of such will be removed without warning. Tell me more...

3. Characters must display weaknesses and encounter obstacles, at least equal to their strengths, to maintain balanced roleplaying.  Tell me more...

4. Using Magick is never a sure deal -- like rolling dice, you never know what you might get. Every use of magick requires a commensurate expense. There cannot be use of great power with out some equal balancing cost.  Tell me more...

5. Characters must respond believably and act reasonably within the game's physical environment.

6. Each character moves like a king on a chess board, one step at a time, along a logical path through adjacent areas. Interact with characters and situations in each area as appropriate. Don't "skip" to distant locations without posting your movements through the areas along your path. Also, except by the use of magick (see #4 and #5) your character can only be in one place at a time.

7.  Wait For Me, George! Give other characters time to react to what your character does. Do not attempt to complete an unreasonable number of actions in a single post, and allow time for others to post their reactions before you post more of your own character's actions.  Tell me more...

The Corollary: 7 B. Move Yer Arse, Pete! Don't keep your game mates waiting. Post often! The further you fall behind, the harder it is to catch up on all the reading and the things your character would have reacted to. And if you are gone for long your gamemates will leave you behind!

8. Explicit/graphic sex and violence, and offensive language, are not allowed. Mild offenses may be removed with warning, major offenses may result in banishment without warning.  DON'T TEST IT!

9. Your password is private. Do not share it with anyone!  Your friends are welcome to join us through the regular Application process.

10. A valid email address (i.e. the player actually regularly reads emails sent to the address) is required in each player's User Profile.

11. If you have any questions about any of this, or anything else, never be afraid to ASK!


The Rules We Shouldn't Have To Say

EXCESSIVE VIOLENCE OR SEXUAL SITUATIONS ARE NOT ALLOWED. Sex and violence; explicit porn & gore are not tolerated. YEW WILL BE BANNED!

EXPECTATION OF PRIVACY - don't expect it. Administrators can see most everything if we look, including conversations covered in our Terms of Being Banned FEREVER!