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Mechanics of Play - Part 2

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General Posting

One you've worked out your character, chose a location to start or joined a group, posting is a pretty straight-forward process.  The game's word editor is fairly easy to learn and use.  Here are some things to keep in mind once you decide to actually make a post.

Note on Deleted Journeys:  There is no way to recover a journey once its deleted.  If you are writing something long, you should do it in a word editor on your computer first then be sure to save it!

As we've state before the generally accepted gaming etiquette of Worlde Arcane's Citizens when traveling from one area to another is to post something like, (O.O.C. To Seven Oaks – Seven Oaks Inn) at the bottom of your last post in the area you are leaving, then post your arrival in the first post in the area you are entering. This is so other players and readers following your storyline (yes, people love to read adventures) can track the thread from where you were to where you went.  

Here are some more examples. Placing a link in the location makes it easier for readers and other players to track where the Journey went or came from. 

Leaving one location to go to another;  ((OOC: To the Green Griffon: Main Hall!))

Arriving at one location from another;  ((OOC: Vjerdt; from the Streets of Kiana))


Block quote tagging may also be used;

Miiya Aether

From:North Hampshire: Crosswaters Farm


Block quotes may also be used Journey descriptions to describe the scene where the Journey begins;

The Road to North Hampsire - Tobold's Hollow

The road to one of the more prosperous regions around Kiana is flat, clear, and well-travelled. Signs mark the way to North Hampshire and Kiana. There are two pathways to follow; one which skirts a tree-filled dell called "Tobold's Hollow" and one which cuts through the murky woods. The pathway through the hollow is shorter, but numerous signs warn of danger--in the local Hafling script of course, for who would imagine a foreigner would come this way?


It's also easy enough to prescribe a level of detail into the posting - in other words, explain that describing it in a blockquote at the top of your heading is how you post:

THAPELEL > City of Genempede > Goatshead Inn

Hiding in the Pantry
Meeting under the Table

Sir Gallahad whispered to Guinevere, "Do you think they'll find us?"

Here is are some In-Game Examples.


Use of NPC's

Characters other than your own character and those of other players are sometimes called "NPC's" per traditional roleplaying terminology.  NPC stands for "Non-Player Character." In any roleplaying game, or any game with characters for that matter, NPC's are essential.  They are characters that are primarily meant to provide story support. They help "fill-in-the-blanks" in storylines (Journeys) where outside influences are needed.  In some areas, they serve in castles or entrance gates to cities as guards, or as the bartender at the local Inn, but you also may find them as villain's, barmaids, or pet cats. Some NPC's take the form of gangs of attackers or hordes of monsters, orcs or crazed villagers. 

All NPC characters in our game are controlled by other players, either yourself or another player in your own Journey or by Nobles (Moderators) who maintain certain areas of the Lands (Seven Oaks, Terajin, Daelows, etc.).

Generally speaking, if an NPC has a name, no other player may control he/she/them; treat them like any other regular character. This is our basic rule for whether a player may control an NPC. Every player must use common sense in all circumstances, but should always lean toward controlling only his own character, whenever in doubt, rather than mistakenly controlling someone else's character, which can cause misunderstandings and arguments.

Every character upon application is assessed for balance in strengths and weaknesses per Rule #3 "Balance In All Things."; the same rule must apply to any NPC and even to magickal artifacts (such as enchanted items). No super-powered PC's, NPC's, or objects may exist in the game.


Designating NPCs characters

Supporting characters, such as peddlers, well-met travelers, or kinfolk, add interest and color to the tales of Worlde Arcane, and may be incorporated into storylines, either through regular posting or block quote tagging.  Incorporating a NPC into your Journey maybe as simple as referencing them into your post.

The orc sprung out of the forest in front of Runden and raised it's gnarled club.
"Hold there orc! Or I will strike!" Runden shouted as he drew his sword.
The orc leapt at him.

Or through the use of OOC tagging;

((OOC:  Sheila, the barmaid)) 

Sheila was sad that Runden left in such a hurry.  She would never find a man this way.  She walked to the window of her small room above the inn and peered down.  Low, there walked the most handsome traveler she had ever seen walking into the Inn!  She quickly straightened her skirt and brushed her hair before hurrying down the stairs.  Maybe there was still a chance!



Block quote tagging:

Miiya Aether

Unwise and unworldy or not, Miiya survived the night at the Crosswaters. She had crashed near noontide and retired in the late afternoon, to sleep until late the following morning, awakening at a soft rapping before the door to the room was opened. The room was lit by a shaft of late morning sunshine coming from a sort of tunnel in the ceiling. So while Miiya felt a moment of panic an she reoriented herself, it was lessened by being able to see and recall her environs. "Uh... come in."

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