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How to Play - First Things First

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What is Worlde Arcane?

World Arcane is a play by post type, freeform fantasy roleplay game played on a web forum.  There is no game master and no dice, players are responsible for their own adventures.   Think of it as collaborative story writing or improv acting with your friends.  Each person assumes a character role, posts their part of the story in character, then waits until the next person posts as their character. This back and forth exchange between characters creates a continuing “storyline”. Players create their world as they go which puts a great responsibility on each player to ‘honor’ the play of others.

By honor we mean respecting other players by staying within the events of the storyline, and not creating situations or characters so farfetched it ruins play for everyone. In other words, the player takes complete control of his/her own actions and accepts the responsibility of keeping them within the realm of believable outcomes.

If you are not experienced with freeform roleplay, please spend some time following how other players play in their story threads. And read the information around the site! Failure to follow and understand these simple concepts could result in your mysterious disappearance from the lands.

Worlde Arcane’s Rules

While freeform role play has few rules, your responsibility to other players and your shared storyline DO! Please read the complete Rules of Play for this Worlde to understand this responsibility. FAILURE TO FOLLOW MAY RESULT IN YOUR MYSTERIOUS DISAPPEARANCE FROM OUR COMMUNITY!

The First Steps Are Creating Your Character & Applying For Entrance

Who Are You?

First of all, there generally exists a lot of standard fantasy character types to choose from: the "classes" of Warrior, Barbarian, Knight, Thief, Rogue, Wizard, etc., and the races of Uman, Hafling, Elf, Orc, Dwarf, and so on. These are tried-and-true archetypes. They're proven performers in the genre, and you mostly can't go wrong with any of them. Don't think they're stereotypes or clichés, though; you'll be surprised how fast an in-depth character can grow from such a basic mold, once you drop him into play.

Beyond those basic character types, there are usually plenty of unusual characters running about in the Worlde.

Overlord accepts most any playable character, provided they are written up well, and does not command unreasonable powers. All you need to do is show that your character's presence and actions in the Worlde will be of general benefit to the game. That one important consideration usually discludes such inherently destructive character types as vampires or demons -- but if you think you can write up such a character, and prove that others will enjoy adventuring with him, then go ahead! Application to Worlde Arcane is free, so you have little to lose by trying.

If your character is rejected, don't give up! Usually, a specific reason or two is given as to why your character didn't quite fit the bill. Make adjustments and try again! The game is well worth it!

Think carefully about what type of character you will play and how he/she/it will fit into Worlde Arcane.  Study other characters in the Worlde and how they are played.

Character Sheets

If you've got a character accepted into Worlde Arcane, you've already written up a description. That text, at the very least, however brief it is, should be posted in the Characters Of The Worlde area.  Also, consider posting it in your Profile, it helps other travelers quickly learn who you are.

But you are greatly encouraged to write up a proper character sheet. At a minimum, it should contain a background and a physical description, as well as the standard specs such as race, height, age, gender, birthplace, etc. Check the other character sheets and see what they've done, and take some clues.

You can also include special abilities, goals, dreams, fears, special possessions, heritage, and whatever other defining aspects you care to establish. The more, the better! (Be forewarned, of course, that too much planning of specific quests is likely to get rather battered in the freeform environment of the Worlde -- but don't worry, there's no shortage of action to be had!)

If you can, draw a portrait for your character sheet. If you can't draw, get someone else to do it. Overlord officially frowns on "borrowing" copyrighted art, so think twice before you steal a pic off the web somewhere ... but there are some public-domain pics around, if you get desperate. 

A character sheet is more than a common courtesy for the other players; it's a base reference for your character, to be constructed with imagination and care, and to be proud of. Do not neglect this most important aspect of Worlde Arcane citizenship!

Here are some quick tips:

Include real weaknesses – These should be things that make your character interesting and fun to play, not just get in the way. They need, however, to be real weaknesses. For instance, being tired after casting magick is a normal result, not a weakness. Unless you have to take a half hour nap after any spell use, we don’t want to hear it. An example is a mage with an allergy to magick, sneezing and tearing up in its presence and causing random odd effects to the spells half the time.

Make a character that will interest you – We hope you will play the game for a long time to come. This is both more likely and more fun if you give the character some thought and make it interesting for everyone.

Take half an hour and write an example you’d want to show off. We have a fine bunch of motivated writer/players and we’re always looking for more. Please take the time to show off your writing a little before you submit your sample. This makes acceptance much more likely and the job of reading all the applications a lot more enjoyable for us.

APPLY FOR ENTRANCE HERE (if yew think yer ready, otherwise spend some time looking the place over)

If your character is deemed worthy, you will be notified of acceptance within 2-3 days, it is not an automated process, OverLord judges every application. If your character is not deemed worthy, well don’t take it personally it is only a game after all. You can re-submit again after taking time to study the Worlde a little more and re-read the instructions more closely.

What to do next?

Read Mechanics of Play - Part 1.

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