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Calen is a young Uman girl of 18 years, who lives with her family just outside Seven Oaks, on the edge of the Dark Forest.  Hair is a light golden hue, eyes are an unusual pale blue, almost silver blue.  Her family lives modestly, neither rich nor poor.  Her father is a skilled carpenter, her mother a respected herbalist and midwife.  Calen has three brothers, one older brother, and two younger ones.  Her older brother made her a wonderful slingshot when she was very young, and taught her how to use it.   She has developed a very good eye and is known for usually hitting her target on the first try.  Calen carries her slingshot and a small pouch of stones on a belt. 

She is happy with her life, but as so many young people do, she sometimes longs to get out and see the larger worlde outside her rural home.  She often daydreams of adventures in the greater worlde, though her parents would no doubt be against it.

Calen has always had an affinity for the forest and all the flowers, plants and herbs that grow there, as well as the creatures who live there.  She grew up learning from her mother all about the healing properties of the flora in the forest.  Her mother even named her after the flower, Calendula, a lovely golden bloom related to the healing marigold family.  To be so young, Calen is an excellent healer and herbalist and spends long hours in the nearby Dark Forest gathering her herbs and daydreaming. 

There is, however, a well-kept family secret that has been passed down for many generations:   Not often, but perhaps once in 3 or 4 generations, a child is born with the unique ability of shapeshifting.   Calen has never met a relative who had the ability; neither of her parents have inherited the trait, nor any of her three siblings thus far.  She herself has reached 18 without a sign of it.  Sometimes she thinks it may only be an old wives' tale.



A skilled healer with extensive knowledge for treating wounds, burns, illnesses, fevers.  A good companion for a party of adventurers who might be engaging in battles, skirmishes, shady characters, or prone to accidents.

Good with her slingshot.  Can bring down small game, as well as put yer eye out if she so desires. 🙂

May have a hidden talent yet to be discovered. Update:  Calen discovered she has inherited the family "gift" of shapeshifting, brought on by certain intense emotions.  So far, it is the form of a swift doe, and has saved her from a forest fire.  She is trying to learn how to control this new talent.  Stay tuned.

A quick study in most situations; educated in reading, writing and basic mathematics.



A typical Uman girl, with little physical strength for a one-on-one fight, but nimble and quick on her feet.

Not very worldly;  eager to be out on her own, but naive about the greater worlde and though bright and clever, may be conned if she is not on her toes.   She has never been to any grand city, nor on any real adventures.

Until she learns to control her shapeshifting, it may be a danger to her more than a gift.


Atlantic/South Georgia


"Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.” Dr. Seuss.

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