Today is of the Cycle Of The Seventh Moon.
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[Closed] The Known Worlde Timeline

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Today is of the Cycle Of The Seventh Moon (calendar).

Scholars have discovered seven distinct historical epochs in their examinations of history. Each is signified by a change of state of Worlde Arcane's Moon. Much of the reconstructed history is speculation or inference, but many scholars agree upon the following concepts.


Within The Worlde

 Upon The Moon

The Future

c1,000 A.R.

The return of the Dark Underlord is prophesied.

Cycle Of The

Seventh Moon

Today: The Worlde enjoys a general peace, though local battles yet arise. The Lands are home to hundreds of adventurers.

The Moon, since the rise and fall of Seiliune, is desolate and void. None may dwell there, or even approach.

537 A.R.

The island of Arrowspine sank beneath the sea, in the Far Eastern Vericul.

75-100 A.R.

Sir Sillmanir, as a result of his worlde travels as a young man, introduced reforms into the Daelows Army, creating the modern cavalry arm. Assuming command of the new Heavy Cavalry, Sir Sillmanir was able to unite Daelows Kingdom under his rule, ascend to the throne, and defeat the last great Orc invasion. His reign was spent in relative peace, rebuilding the lands ravaged by years of civil war and Orcish invasions.

1 A.R.

The Reclaimer fought the Dark Underlord. This pivotal event in the history of the Worlde gave rise to the widely accepted calendar.

The last of the Umbra Minions, gasping for breath, wrought extreme havoc upon the ruins of the ruins of the Seiliune cities, and the Moon became dust and powder, with no trace or remnant of its plast glory. Even the Umbra Minions themselves, abandoned by their evil master, crumbled into gray sand. The Moon was once again alone, and cold, and undesirous of din.

Cycle Of The

Sixth Moon

39-33 B.R.

The Umbra Minions, new terrors of the Dark Underlord, bred especially to attack and overwhelm the cities of Seiliune, flew to the Moon and invaded with great force of arms and fire. Now called the "War Of The Dust," this conflict lasted for six years, with great losses on both sides, and the very air of the Moon was stolen away at last, whereupon the Platinum Elves all died, and the Umbra Minions were victorious.

c.300 B.R.

The White Tower of Daelows was built in southern Aniada -- thus began an edifice that would grow across generations to become a great palace, and thus began a Kingdom that would grow to dominate Aniada.

Cycle Of The

Fifth Moon

5,000 Y.A.

The Dark Underlord, having gained much influence upon the Worlde, now reached out to the Moon an beleaguered the Platinum Elves. A great series of wars began, with tragic levels of death and horror. During this era, only the city of Seiliune survived.

2,100 Y.A.
The War Of Empress Neyleez: being the main collapse of the Platinum Elf Moon-empire, also called the Last Moon War.

2,560 Y.A.
The War Of The Shallow Crater

3,923 B.R.
The Battle Of Nine Elves And Five Days

c4,650 Y.A.
The Red Reptiles War

c4,900 Y.A.
The Second Moon War

c5,000 Y.A.
The Dark Invasion (or) The First Moon War

Cycle Of The

Fourth Moon

13,000 Y.A.

The Dark Underlord, who for millennia had been content to nurture his powers in the nadowy nether-regions, now put his eye upon the surface, and found there much that was ripe for terrorization. He longed to impose his fell will upon the denizens of the Worlde, and so he beagn to create the Minions, perpetrators of his will. In this early era were only the First Minions, wretched evil beasts of dark leather and brown fang: toxic, red-eyed, stinking, and myrianoxious. They began a campaign of harrassment that has never ceased, despite the rise and fall (and possible rise again!) of their Master.

Becoming bold and high-minded, the Platinum Elves built great cities upon the Moon. They forsook the call of leaf and brook and glade, instead finding love for bridges, arches, and towers. Legend relates the names of a few of their cities: Hlu, Pölaane, Mawndwir, Tam Akk, the twin cities L'Saren and Fel Dreo, and the shining capitol Seiliune. A metropolitan web of white stone and silver metal grew across the Moon. During these ages, Platinum Elf culture lofted far beyond any others; subsequently they became eremetic.

Cycle Of The

Third Moon

16,000 Y.A.

Now was the Age of Andor, a mighty golden era. The races of Elves most diverged during these years, in Ufaeria and elsewhere. Umans, though of many tribes and kingdoms, remained of one blood.

In these centuries, the Platinum Elves came to the Moon. After prayer for water, the Gods gave them lakes, and so the Platinum Elves made of the Moon a great garden. They lived in peace, and respected the harmony of nature. Though the Moon did not welcome them, neither did she recoil at their habitation upon her.

Cycle Of The

Second Moon

c20,000? Y.A.

This was the Age Of Silence, which is of the First Order. Here came Umans and Elves into the Worlde, and other races. In the confusion of new life, with no history or tradition to rely upon, the races scattered and divided, and became small warring tribes -- a fall from which some peoples have never yet arisen. Yet now some great minds and hearts were abroad, and aspirations to greatness swelled within many persons, who began to weave the tapestry of History.

Saddened by the loss of her sisters, and growing jaded after the heady drunkenness of birth, the Moon became cold and dry. In this era her heart was set, and ever after, she had no care or mercy for living things, though at times she would endure them, even upon her own skin. Her only care was the Worlde, to whom she turned her face ever after, giving up her celestial spin.

Cycle Of The

First Moon

Uncounted Y.A.

In the beginning, as set forth in The Dream Visions Of Brodaic, was the First Fire and the Melody of Creation. There were yet no Umans or Elves; the Worlde was a place of only spirits, not yet of flesh.

The Moon first existed with two siblings; all three glowed hot from the fire of their birth. But the two smaller, younger celestial bodies became bored, and they wandered away.