Today is of the Cycle Of The Seventh Moon.
Current Season & Month:  , Year: 543 A.R. (ref)

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[Closed] The Knowne Worlde Calendar

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The generally accepted calendar of the Knowne Worlde is based on the Moons of Worlde Arcane and is comprised of 13 Moneths, or months, and one day. Each month has 28 days and the year begins on Feast of First Fire Day. This Day celebrates the beginning of life in the Newborne Year, and commemorates the First Fire of The Beginning which brought the Melody of Creation to the Worlde and the Realm Arcane. All of this is explained in the Dream Visions Of Brodaic, Dark Wizard which may be found in the Great Vault of Histories, if a traveler is fortunate enough to come across it. A Festival of First Fire generally occurs a week prior to and a week after Feast of First Fire Day in many villages and townships of the Lands.

The Worlde Arcane year is based on The Reclaimer's ascension to celestially. The Day of Ascension marks the day the lands of Worlde Arcane were freed from the long tyranny of the Dark Underlord, and as such this time is evermore considered The First Year A.R. (After the Reclaiming). Pre-history events are notated with B.R. (Before the Reclaiming). The Day of Ascension is generally marked during a favorable day in early fall, the Moneth of Fogge or early Raven Moon, and marks the wintery struggles that lay ahead. It symbolizes the coming of Winter. The Seasons as they correlate to each Moneth are listed below.

Today is of the Cycle Of The Seventh Moon.
Current Season & Month:  , Year: 543 A.R.  


The First Day Feast of First Fire January 1
Season Month Month Date-ish
Winter Moneth of Silent Moon January 2
Winter Moneth of Ice Moon January 29
Winter Moneth of Wulf Moon February 26
Early Spring Moneth of Miste Moon March 26
Spring Moneth of Flower Moon April 23
Late Spring Moneth of Berye Moon May 21
Summer Moneth of Traveler's Moon June 18
Summer Moneth of Drago Moon July 16
Summer Moneth of Fallow Moon August 13
Early Fall Moneth of Fogge Moon September 10
Fall Moneth of Raven Moon October 8
Late Fall/Winter Moneth of Hare Moon November 5
Winter Moneth of Snow Moon December 3


Knowne Timeline of Worlde Arcane


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