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Elves are creatures similar to Umans, but are much more slender and gracious. You also recognize them because of their large, pointy ears. Another distinguished feature is their eyes that are more catlike than Umans. Elf age slower than most other races, it is not uncommon for some to reach the age of five hundred years or even more. Due to this fortunate advantage, many Elves are skilled mages or scholars and give the impression to be wiser than the average Uman. Most Uman decease has little or no effect on Elves at all, but they are not as physically strong as Umans, and they too will bleed if you cut them.

There lives Elves all over Worlde Arcane but there is no known Elven settlement of greater significance, most live as loners in the woods, in small villages or within Uman communities.

Dark Elves resides in the UnderNeath, but few who ventures there return alive. Dark Elves are similar to ordinary Elves, but their skin is much paler, their hair darker and above all, most of them has red eyes, which give them quite a scary appearance. All of their mages are necromancers or users of dark magick .

All Elves, whether dark or not hate Goblonoids with a passion. They also have a strong dislike for Dwarfs.

For more information on Elves, see l" rel="nofollow noreferrer ugc">The History of Elves

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Irihi Spokelse


AKA: The Weapon of the Mad King, The Curse of Seven Oaks, The Atrocity

Age: 115 / 5798 (Relative / Absolute)

Race: Spectral Elf

Occupation: Sorceress/Monster

Alignment: Chaotic Evil


Deceiving. Irihi presents as an Elven female of slightly above-average height. She has long jet-black hair. Large eyes with pale violet irises belie her ancient heritage as a proto-Drow. Irihi is finely-featured with long dexterous fingers and pale, nearly translucent skin. She is proud of her appearance and takes pains to maintain herself in a "presentable" form.


Irihi seeks power and privilege only in the pursuit of personal comfort. She has almost limitless abilities, at times, but lacks the control and discipline to use them to secure her relatively modest wants.


  • Inaudible to those awake on the physical plane of Arcane. Considering her disposition, this could be considered fortuitous.
  • She has no strength, endurance skills, or physical (including combat) abilities of any kind.
  • She is a sociopath unable to function normally in society for any extended period.
  • Her magic is mostly strategic rather than tactical and it is out-of-phase with the material world, existing mostly as illusion. When Irihi does manage to manifest her sorcery on the physical plane, it is extremely temperamental, and rarely effective.
  • She is conditioned to follow the orders of others and has trouble with autonomy.
  • She is only partially anchored to the world of the living. Strong light causes her to involuntarily phase out of the physical world.
  • Irihi is strongly prejudiced against all other races besides Elves and makes no effort to hide her disdain for them.


  • Irihi is able to shift her presence into the spectral plane, rendering her effectively invisible and untouchable except by cross-planar/magical means or objects. Enchanted or hexed objects can still affect her in this state.
  • She wields necromantic abilities with the power to destroy cities, when she is able to properly manifest them on the physical plane.
  • Her magick is fully effective on the spiritual plane. She can also speak to those who are asleep, dead (ghosts), and those entities who are sensitive to the metaphysical.
  • Her body is more of a necromantic construct than a living organism. While she can be "killed" she has the tendency not to stay "dead". 


Irihi's history in Arcane is long and storied. She was born as an Aardk'y Elf in the lost land of Dor O'olim. During the end times of that doomed continent she was recruited and trained as a battle mage wielding the dark art of Primal Necromancy. After an encounter with chaotic forces far more powerful than her own, she was cursed to be frozen as a statue for millennia. Over the ensuing ages, her statue was transported to one of the lands of present-day Arcane, where she revived, completely unfamiliar with the modern worlde.

Irihi fell in and fell, if not in love--then at least in love with the idea of being--with a Uman of noble blood (and mysterious powers). Her betrothal to him acted as a stabilizing influence while she followed along on his adventures, tolerating them until such a time as she could retire to the reasonably-comfortable life of a Uman noblewoman. She was quite displeased when he was abducted and she was left marooned on the Isle Obscura. 

Irihi drifted across the lands for years. Never having bothered to learn--and perhaps not having the capability--to live among the "mongrel races" it might be more appropriate to say that she burned a path of wanton destruction across Arcane. She sank ships in Seven Oaks harbor, dueled with another sorceress on the Lorimar, raised a zombie horde to torment Terajin, and summoned a greater fiend that nearly destroyed northern Aniada. 

Eventually, she drew the attention of the great powers of Arcane, sparking The War to control the Weapon of the Mad King. The northern Hafling city-state of Kiana was severely damaged during a battle between the forces of Men from Daelows, Orcs and Goblins from Churt, Drow from The Underneath, and Elves from Ufaeria. Before the battle's end, the wizards of Greyhaven absconded with Irihi. 

Since the Battle of Kiana, little has been heard from The Curse of Seven Oaks. It is thought that the mystics of Greyhaven may have managed to contain her for the time being. How long they can control Irihi remains to be seen.

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Eddellyn Wynterleaf


Birthplace: Unknown (though likely someplace in Tenara)

Magick: none

Gender: Female (she/her)


She is below average height for an elf standing around 5'4". She has thick black hair pulled back into a messy bun, function over style. Her eyes are a grey, that flashes from silver to near black depending on her mood, most often they are closer to a steel grey in shade.

Her clothing is serviceable with no adornment or flourishes, most unremarkable, leaning toward shades of grey or other dark neutrals, such as green. A thin braid of leather is loosely wrapped several times around her neck, a silver ring set with a milky white stone hanging from the middle, resting against the base of her throat.

On her person she carries two visible weapons, a finely crafted silver blade sheathed at her hip and a dagger held in place with straps custom made to her boots.

The back of her left hand is marked with ancient elven runes, branding her as a thief, the mark the sentence for stealing a pair of royal horses in an age long past. The ritual made a penny sized nine-pointed star on the back her hands, with her crimes spelled in ancient elven runes encircling each star. “Horsethief. Cutpurse. Picker of Pockets.”

Her right hand is missing entirely, the arm amputated mid-forearm and fitted with a custom made leather cap. Though she is not ashamed of her injury, the sleeve of her shirt has been left left long to hide the scars and often around others, she will drape her cloak to her right side the disguise its’ absence until she judges their intentions.


  • physically, she is small of stature and unlikely to win in a battle of brawn
  • dislikes magick and those who use it
  • trusts very few and has no close allies
  • needs to be in control
  • consumed with thoughts of revenge


  • independent
  • keen observer
  • skilled at hiding & tracking
  • good with her dagger & sword


(old WA history - perhaps to be expanded later) Orphan raised by thieves and follows much the same path into adulthood until meeting up with a variety of characters. On her adventures, she helps save the world once or twice along the way or at least averts major disaster.

(recent history) After parting ways with her friends, she established herself as a bandit leader known as ‘The Ivy Hand’ within the wilds of Tenara. The rules for her crew are few: never steal from the poor and never kill. It's an endeavor she's quite successful at for a while, leading a modest guild of thieves, bandits and the like.

During this time, she fell in love with an unlikely male, an elven mage of great wisdom and calm. With his encouragement, she let go of the hurts of the past and cultivated a desire to help the forlorn and outcasts of society. It was that tenet in mind which led her to take an ill-fated contract from a powerful wizard, the result ending in the death of her love and the loss of her hand. During the long days of recovery that followed, she forged her grief and pain into the cold stone of revenge, re-inventing herself under the name ‘Wynterleaf’.

Though years past that betrayal, she is still consumed with vengeance, traveling the worlde in search of the wizard that crossed her.


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Lolindir M'lithan

AKA: Greymaster, Keeper of the Light, Master of Greyhaven, The Hidden Hand

Status: NPC of the Help Less quest.

Race: Elven

Age: Aged

Occupation: Master Mystic of Greyhaven. Head of Greyhaven's Shadow Government

Alignment: Lawful Evil


  • Overconfidence defines the Master Mystic of Greyhaven. He believes he can succeed where greater beings have failed. He is dismissive of his enemies and often does not follow through to ensure his plans reach their expected completion.
  • Greymaster suffers from megalomania and believes that his plans alone should determine the future of all Elves of Ufaeria.
  • The Master Mystic is physically frail without his Magick. He cannot wield weaponry or wear armor.


  • Greymaster is a powerful wizard and has mastered multiple Magickal disciplines. 
  • The Mystics of Greyhaven stand behind their master, carry out his bidding, and defend him to the death.
  • Greymaster controls the government of Greyhaven and the various forces at its disposal.
  • The Weapon of The Mad King is under the control of The Master Mystic. She wields the power to destroy cities and strike the very stars from the heavens.


Greymaster cuts a tall gaunt figure, with his face wreathed in white hair. He usually dresses in flowing robes and alters his appearance with Magick. The manifestation of the wizard that one person sees might be entirely different from the perception of another standing directly beside them.


Greymaster has long planned--some would say "schemed"--to rebuild The Weapon of Mad King O'olaam. Elven lore tells of a land called D'or Orlim, greater even than Ufaeria and it's four kingdoms. From this ancient Elven homeland stem both the A'ardky Elves and Drow of modern day. The legends say that this land was destroyed by the hubris of King O'olaam's experiments with demonic forces that gave rise, first to the Drow, and later to the cataclysm that saw D'or Orlim covered by the bottomless waters of the sea.

Greymaster now treads the same path as King O'Olaam, convinced that his arcane knowledge and skill will see him succeed where the ancients failed.

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Wuu'Faan Liewuun
Untitled11 20211129100051

AKA: Faan, The Weaver Witch's Daughter

Status: NPC of the Help Less quest.

Gender: Female

Race: Elven

Age: Adult

Occupation: Seamstress and Fashion Designer

Alignment: Neutral Good


  • Faan has no real martial skills.
  • Being a seamstress, she lacks strength, stamina, and is not particularly tough.
  • Faan has a penchant for drinking a bit too much.
  • She is a Liewuun Empath, and suffers from reverse mind-control--losing her sense of self to the nearest person--when she is not in immediate possession of the Liewuun jewel.


  • Faan has an excellent eye for fashion. She is an outstanding tailor and seamstress. Her couture is both functional and beautiful. She keeps up with the latest trends and can anticipate what styles will be in vogue several seasons ahead of production. 
  • She possesses several magickal garments and accessories that allow her to defend herself.
  • Liewuun empaths can read the minds of all who are nearby, when not in immediate possession of the Liewuun jewel. However, in this state, their sense of self is subverted by the nearest person.


Faan has the figure and stature of a fashion model, which is to say she is of above average height, svelte, with delicate yet imperious features. She long lithe fingers, narrow sharp shoulders, and regally elevated cheekbones beneath a bi-colored gaze. Her heterochromia manifests as one green (her left) and one hazel eye. Faan has waist-length platinum hair that she typically keeps in a long braid when travelling.

While her features can make her seem unapproachable, Faan does not typically strut around with the half-smile, half-sneer of a runway model (though she can, and when she does she is simply devastating). She usually comports herself with a poised but friendly demeanor, and she often tries to make herself seem shorter than she is, being a little self-conscious about her leggy height.


The legacy of the Liewuun spies is a long and convoluted story of dashing heroes and heroines, evil tyrants, and tragically forsaken bonds of love, lust, and loss. This legacy is all but lost to antiquity, save for the secret oral history passed down by the Liewuun women. 

Faan keeps this secret story, and her empathic nature, to herself. She guards her nature as carefully as the gemstone necklace that allows her to differentiate her own consciousness from those around her. 

The seamstress is the daughter of the Weaver Witch of the Dark Forest near Hunt's End. Between long sojourns in the forest, she is often found renting retail space in El Hazir or Greater Daelows. To visit her family homestead, Faan makes the trek down the Lorimar, or travels by ocean voyage to Seven Oaks every few seasons.

Faan regularly assembles magickal garments from the enchanted cloth woven by her mother. While these provide the majority of the family's income, she much prefers to cut and sew non-magickal haute couture instead of clunky wizard-wear.

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Legendary Piratess of the Seven Seas

═ ✽ ═

Legendary beauty, Mother of twins, & Holder of half of Fin’s literal heart...

═ ✽ ═

[aka] Tempest “Risque” Amateras 

[age] Only gets finer with age…

[race] Half-Snow Elf/Half-Sun Elf + Symbiotically bonded with a Dragon

[gender] Female

[birthplace] Middle of a tsunami in the Sea of Northelvishes

[occupation] Nowadays? Single Mother to Twins. Other times, pirating & other such lucrative endeavors. Formerly, eking out a life w/Finoadh

[alignment] Chaotic Neutral




Tempest “Risque” Amateras isn’t just known as a Legendary Piratess, but is also renowned as a legendary beauty.  None of that has really changed. 


To state it plainly: Risque has always had a slinky, provocative figure.  From the start, Risque began life balanced on a razor’s edge between danger and fun, and her lean curves, taut planes, and coiled muscle reflected that.  She was sleek and nimble, balanced with a long torso, long legs, and modest hips matched by a shapely, yet modest bust. Since having twins, however…


…let’s just say that the Piratess is curvier than some might remember.  Much to her annoyance, the buttons of some of her favorite shirts now strain to contain her bust, which had gone up a full size or so during pregnancy and stayed there.  (She’s eternally grateful that she continues to defy gravity in the upper works.).  Her waist is still the same size as it’s always been, but her hips have filled out, so to speak.  Think classic pin-up girl or a wasp, and you wouldn’t be far off from what people see when they look at her, nowadays. 


 She’s not used to or even certain she likes her curvier figure, even if it draws more attention than before (which was honestly quite the revelation.)  If she turned heads before, well, frankly now it was just annoying.  It’s not  necessarily that she minds the attention; it’s more that she’s continually disappointed anytime she’s actually acted on it, in the few centuries since Finoadh disappeared.


Otherwise, Risque is still as striking as ever.  Her distinct Elvish bloodlines lend her an unique and instantly recognizable beauty, with golden skin, snow-white hair, and features that are boldly sensual: full terracotta colors lips; high swept cheekbones;  and sultry, bi-colored eyes of gold and blue, framed by a thick fringe of lashes.  For many years while the twins were little, she kept her hair cropped short, but gradually grew it out as they grew older and more independent.  She’s grown out her white locks to just below her shoulder blades, and typically wears it pulled back into a thick braid.  The sides are shaved into an undercut with a runic design that vaguely resembles some of the simple knotwork that she’s seen, many times before.  Always around her neck is a beautiful necklace comprised of a green gem and a red gem that has been fused together to become one whole.  The fused stones sometimes seem to softly glow against the delicate golden skin at the hollow of her throat.


And of course, draped across every curve and plane of her figure, is the extraordinarily realistic “tattoo” of a glaring red dragon…which may be more life-like than it first seems.  If it sometimes seems to move? Perhaps you need to keep an eye on it, just to be certain.

[Shifted - Hawk Form]

Risque is able to shift into the form of a particularly large hawk with a white beak and golden feathers.  She doesn’t disclose this ability readily or shift in front of many people, so if you do see her shift, the situation is probably dire.


The rest of Risque's profile will be filled out and revealed, gradually...

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