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I'm shamelessly going to signal boost the latest "Finoadh" post by @Duilliath because it's goddamn brilliant, that's why! It gets a dancing Deadpool, that's how epic it is. 

Seriously, stop whatever you're doing RIGHT NOW and go read the following post: Talking Smack, Finoadh: Aboard the Gaff-Rigged Smack, "Arbalest".   

And hey, I'm not the least bit ashamed to say that I'm particularly partial to the post because it more or less revolves around a certain slinky, white-tressed, bi-coloured eyed Piratess and MILF of the Vericul. 😘 If anyone is curious, here's a WIP of the updated Risqué.  Just imagine the golden skin, white hair, two-tone gaze, and...oh yeah! The sinuous, red dragon "tattoo" draped about her slinky, slightly curvier form.  

Risqué  'I Will Stab You & Sleep w/Your Husbands If You Ask Me to Join PTA Again'  Amateras  (VERY rough draft)

Risque rough draft (start4

BONUS: I've decided that this is Fin.  So @duilliath , if/when you create a profile for my dearest Reachlander, you have to use it as the character pic, 'kay? (Lmao, look at me, making demands for your character.)

Finoadh  'I Will Shot-Put Yer Sorry Ass One-Handed Into the Ocean'  Máirseál

Lass picks this for Finoadh


TOM-CAT: [KIANA BEACH:First Stab - POUNCE (★1/2) - WATCHER BATTLE (3/★4/5/6/★7)] [GOBLIN SLAYING: (1)-(☆1/2)] – [ICE CAVES: CLIFFHANGER (★1/2) - POWDER KEG (★1/2/3) - HYPOTHERMIA (4/5/6) - BONDED (7/8/9/)] [SUNSTEALER:(1/2/3/4)-(1/2)] –Miiya & Cat-Tom [SPARRING: (1/2/★3)] - ☆The Great Tipsu Hunt! - ☆Stolen Kiss Overwhelmed by Intimacy Returning to Her Bath Time Bonding Wings, Tails, & Love Cave Storms Climbing the Walls [1st KISS: Chase-(★2/3/4)] Cat-Tom: Rescue Kitty! Cat-Tom vs. Skaven (Forced) Shift Back 9 Lives A Beast in the Darkness Reuniting w/Teleskela Bored Nihilism Cat vs. Dragon Emotionally Exhausted Bath Catboy, Interrupted All For Her Bellissimo Gato [BATH-HOUSE: Confessions(1/2/3/4)] Catboys Can Purr Bagels, Love Poems & Catnapping Love Poem [FIGHT PIT: CHAMPION SUITE (★1.No, no, no.../2a-2b/3.Prostitution/★4.Tipsu/5/6a-6b/★7a-7b.Holden's/Proposition) - GRAND ARENA (Leona/F#1/★F#4/★Cat-Tom vs.Werewolf: 1/2/3) - LOST (1/★2) - FOUND (3/4a-4b/5/★6.Swansong Kiss) - RESCUE (★1.Teleskela, MF'er/2/3.Reawakened Bond) - ESCAPE (4/5/6/7)]
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RISQUÉ: Fun with Fisticuffs!
[CHATTE]Enter Chatte - Chat w/Castor -Proposing the Race
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I can’t say enough good things about the genuine way that Doré’s writing with Duilliath in Rosewood Redemption has a very real ‘calm before the storm’ feel… I can feel this… and it’s layers. Nicely done. An example below: 

So, if not a pirate queen, then either a wife or a captive—or even a captive wife—seemed like the other options. Doré made small moves from side to side in order to gain a better view of the crowd. Her Sidhe nudged a bucket her way, and gratefully she stepped up onto the wood gaining a few hands in height.

Duilliath Suilleach Seanake, Fool and the Traveler Who Lost a Kingdom

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