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Here is a place to share your favorite stories of the Worlde and other happenings. 


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Duilliath Suilleach Seanake, Fool and the Traveler Who Lost a Kingdom

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Something is Rotten in the Rosewood


The Rosewood Redemption

Hearken Welle,

Once the Rosewood, the mighty forest that sprawls across the center of northern Noitnetta, from the Dares to the Reach, was a wholesome place – a center of the Fae Homeland.  For many Ages, the Rosewood had sunk its roots deep in the fabric of the Worlde, binding the land itself to it… and it to the land.

A thousand years gone there came a change. Darkness stirred in the Dark Tower, a Darkness that entered the lands from Regions Unknown, but were thought to be in the Worlde Without.  The Dark Sorceror, Si’ix, the Warden of the Dark Tower, tapped into this Power, and like all who meddle in Powers Beyond their Understanding, released Something dark and poisonous into the Worlde.

There was a rumor that an artifact of surpassing toxicity had been found. This artifact had been used. Through the experimental meddling of Si’ix, Dark Things had been released into the Worlde.

Acre by acre, slowly at first, this dark poison spread through the Rosewood, moving north and east from its source. It came upon those unaware and swallowed them whole.  Few realized that the New Beast that stirred in the South, with its deadly and fell heralds, represented a danger to the very fabric of reality.  New wickedness appeared in the Rosewood, dark monsters from dreams, things of nightmare stalked its once wholesome understory. 

A thousand years ago, the Fae and their Allies woke to the challenge. 

As for all folk who dread War and dislike conflict, they woke slowly, and in casting about for the same ability to remake the worlde, many fell in with a charismatic Outsider, who used fair words and high minded concepts to push them to action.

Many of their allies, including tribes of Fae, of Centaurs, of Satyrs and others joined with the Outsider, the so-called Dweller in Twilight, and their more traditional protectors, The Amadan and his Fox-Trickster Goddess consort and waged War against the Darkness and the forces arrayed by the Dark Tower.

Eventually, they found a stalemate, the Darkness and the Bright were almost equally balanced.  The forces of the Dark Tower, S’ix and the New Beast were turned back and held, pinned in place by the combined threat of action from small units of the Rosewood’s defenders.  A daring plan to strike at the Heart of the New Beast and eliminate the Outsider Magic was conceived… a daring and precise strike against S’ix and the New Beast in their Lair.  But as the moments ticked down to make their raid, a rash decision by a centaur general put the whole plan in jeopardy. 

A desperate gamble, an assault on the heart of the contamination, the Dark Tower itself, missed its throw.  Instead of wiping the Tower from the foothills of the Dares, it blew off one corner and set the whole aflame and scattered its occupants’ Power.  Damaged, but not destroyed, and with the defenders of the Rosewood scattered or banished, the evil released by the Tower and its inhabitants continued unabated and spread throughout the Forest. 

The very fabric of the Forest had changed.  The burrows of goblynkind spread like a disease amongst the Wood’s roots and its strongest defenders were overwhelmed and retreated to safe havens created by their magic – including the Water of the Glow and the Lair of the Amadan. 

A thousand years changes things. 

The world turned and moved on, and the once bright Rosewood was now a grim and deadly place.  What humans lived under its eaves left, either slain or driven out by the constant foray of wicked creatures or the diseases they fomented.  A hundred years later, something massive and deadly and toxic fell from the sky and further disrupted the status quo. That object eventually created more problems…

Change comes slowly. 

From the Outside came again the Walker under the Eaves, The Reality Disbelieving Shadowleaf, in his own Madness, intent on redeeming his error and the weakness that allowed the Rosewood to fall into its current state.  There are many threats – and many stories – as the Rosewood is redeemed and restored.  There are many enemies.  Many opportunities.

Recommended Starting Points:  The Rosewood is a vast wildnerness.  Humans, Elves, and other forest dwelling creatures were once common, but may live on in isolated settlements along the margins of the forest, the Coast, or along the River Ahvinn.  Others may arrive in the Rosewood from the Dares, the Underneath or striking in from the Great Cities of Amenee and Haven and the still extant large towns on the Coasts and in the Reach.

Find your way, Stranger.  Seek your Fortune, Heroes.  Redeem the Rosewood.

This setting is intended as a matrix or a fabric on which you can tell your own story.  There are a variety of different types of stories possible, large and small in this place where we have gone from Power to Ruin and possibly to Rise Again. 

Current Active Characters and NPCs – Subject to Change

  • Talan, Former Havenite, Not What He Seems
  • Hawkeye, the Wolf and Protector
  • The Jackdaw, Lately called The Sun Crow
  • Deradith, The River Woman, Protector of Small Animals and the Lost
  • Grell, A Mysterious Candle-Hatted Sorcerer
  • Puck, Mischievously Helpful Sprite
  • The Lady of Broken Bones, Honestly, with a name like that, should we ask?
  • The Shadow Demon, Old and Not of This Worlde
  • S’I’x, An Ancient Sorcerer That Has a Peculiar Stone
  • Missing Toe, A Goblyn leader in the Goblyn Warrens, often employed to deliver messages
  • The Captain-General, at the old Ameneean Naval Fort of Lindos, an Opportunist with a Serious Charge
  • The Stone Hoof Tribe of Centaurs, Staunch Defenders
  • The Twist Horns – a Tribe of Satyrs, Hard Drinking and Dangerous
  • Baoun, the Ur-Cat, Definitely Not What He Seems.
  • Duilliath, The Walker under the Eaves, aka The Fool, The Wanderer, The Dweller in Green Shadows
  • Dore, the Golden One, A Very Special Visitor in Search of Someone Important

Duilliath Suilleach Seanake, Fool and the Traveler Who Lost a Kingdom