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No part of things Sidhe held up to logic, so much of Duilliath’s world seemed random and the stuff of reality around him was… well, flexible.

The ur-Cat that was not a cat by any stretch of the imagination finally succeeded in gaining her full attention. He leapt on top of a ledge, As she leaned in, he pressed his head against her forehead. “I will stay and guard your back.” She heard this as though someone had crept up on her and whispered it into her ear.

Stunned, she drew back. “You spoke…” she said softly.

“Aye, I have been this whole time, cushla. You are like enough to him now as to be able to hear me, Clever One!”

Well, this was a development.

Who knew what secrets the mysterious Baoun knew?

Baoun the ur-feline that held just a smidgen of respect for The Fool, because of his judgement in traveling companions.

Duilliath Suilleach Seanake, Fool and the Traveler Who Lost a Kingdom

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