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Happy new year!
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Happy new year!

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Not sure at which point this will catch most of you what with different time zones etc but hope you all had/ have a good one!

2020 certainly had its ups and downs but this place and the pleasant distraction/ escapism it provided was definitely one of the ups! Very grateful that I stumbled across it, and to everyone who made it happen. So here's to 2022! May it being many more adventures for all!

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To All,


I wish you a New Year filled with hope, health, peace and fulfillment. 2021 was a surreal challenge, my best to all of you.

2022 is a fresh moment, at least for now, to dream and create. 

Write your best story.

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Here's to a New Year!   I am glad to be here even with all the craziness in the world today.   Worlde Arcane is one of my refuges, where I can let my mind wander in the company of friends old and new.   I too am so pleased to have found my "happy place" once again.   So, a toast to all the creativity and friendship ahead in 2022.  Cheers!!


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Happy New Year! I should be able to post a little today. Apologies for the long pauses for Faan and Miiya and associated NPC's. Travelling over the holidays was not super fun last year.

Here's to a better 2022 🥂

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Wishing all my friends a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous new Year.  The last two years have been challenging but have taught (at least me)  I can be happy with less stuff, Happier with more time with Family, and Friends are incredibly important.  I value each of you for your contributions to my happiness.  Thank you!

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Happy New Year to everyone!

I'm grateful to everyone sharing their creativity & imagination on this small corner of the internet. It brings me a level of normalcy & comfort to  find others of a similar mindset.

Here's to a better year for 2022

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Whoops! Looks like I'm late to the party 🥳! Sorry about that - been on an Irish Coffee and whiskey mini-bender this week.  Anyway, hope everyone's New Years was happy and safe. 

I'll be back to writing for Daeth and Tom-Cat in short order, with a Risq post in between.  Can't wait to create some awesome stories with everyone in 2022!  ❤

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