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Liathildor (Grayhaven)

The Kingdom Bridgeways

Along the coast south of Lithildor the great cliffs at the Western End of Pirate's Gulf are riven by deep cold lochs and canyons. Rivers and streams from the temperate rainforest of the Lesser Falcon cascade into the dark waters, their mists mixing with the fog that rolls in from the gulf. The walls of granite are honeycombed with caverns and dotted with cliffside dwellings. A webwork of smoothly-paved roads connect dripping vineyards, terraced farms, and country estates of the powerful Elven families of Lithildor. Great stone bridges soar over cloud-filled chasms and more than one secret fortress keep or walled cloister of the Mystics of Greyhaven lies hidden in this land of mists and magick.


The Citadel of the Order of Light

A granite dome rises in the middle of Liathildor. The dome and the enormous blocks of stone that comprise the citadel must have been quarried by magickal means, for they are impossibly large to have been constructed by people. The citadel interior is off-limits to all non-citizens, and its splendid grounds, statuary, and museums are only open to Elves. The giant structure hardly seems built with people in mind, and its enormous auditoriums, winding hallways, and giant staircases are often completely empty.


The Sparkling Market

A wide plaza with a central fountain makes up the central market of Greyhaven. Vendors sell a variety of Elven-crafted goods here. No other races are allowed to do business in the Sparkling market. As a result, shoppers are sparse and transactions rare. It is a beautiful place to visit, but unless you find yerself in posession of much more malda than yew know what to do with, yew won't be purchasing most of the wares on display.


The Foreign Quarter

The liveliest quarter of Liathildor, this is the only part of the city where all the races of Arcane freely mingle and trade. The foreign quarter follows a central brick (not granite) street that winds down a chasm in the cliffs until it reaches the harbor and anchorage. Greyhaven is the best deep-water port of Western Ufaeria and most of the shipping west of Morkoorod passes up and down the broad steep street. The bricks are always under, and in need of, repair so watch yer step, and have a care against runaway carts and wagons. Shops and vendors of all kinds line the central street as well as the numerous alleyways and dead-ends that branch from it. While the rest of Liathildor is washed grey granite, the foreign quarter is mostly reddish-brown brick. At the waters edge, a jumble of warehouses, smithys, and shipwrights vie for space on the narrow and crowded quays.


Liathildor (Grayhaven)

The great walled city of Liathildor stands atop the high cliffs at the edge of Pirate's Gulf. Most of the year, the pervasive mists from the cold waters shroud the city of mystics in fog. On clear days, the snow-capped mountains of Morkoorod loom above the dark veldt of the Lesser Falcon forest, while the Vericule sparkles below the sheer cliffs on which the city perches. Twin rapid-filled rivers run through the city, racing and splashing beneath stone bridgeway and between the granite block walls of its buildings. They plummet from the clifftops in great cascades down into the dark waters of the sea below. Frequent rains and abundant stonework from nearby quarries make Liathildor one of the cleanest cities in Arcane, though the same cannot be said of the sunken harbor quarter. The Elven mystics of The Order of Light rule Liathildor and the surrounding lands via council vote. Other races are allowed in Greyhaven, but are banned from the central citadel and are discouraged from living or doing business in any part of the city except the foreign quarter. Elvish is the official language of the city, all signage and documents are in such, and use of the common tongue is rare. Only pureblooded Liathildor elves are given the right of citizenship in Greyhaven.

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