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The Jade Oracle and...
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[Closed] The Jade Oracle and the Creation Of The Aeros

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The tale as told by the elders of Aerie, recorded by Anya Silverspear

Long ago, when the mountains of Aerie were even fresher, stretching sharp peaks up to scratch the sky, there existed a protector. Named Pandion, she was an enormous being, half bird, half dragon, twice as large as any Aeros. Her feathers were resplendent with all the colors of the rainbow, and when she flew over the mountains she sparkled as a gem. All the creatures on the mountain respected her, and she knew every creature by name. She offered wisdom, advice, and protection to her denizens, and in turn they all protected the mountains, her home, from any who would harm it.

Though Pandion possessed many powers, the protector realized she would not live forever, and she worried what would become of her home and its creatures when she passed on. Therefore, she worked to provide for them. Delving into the spirit of the mountain, Pandion drew on its power and managed to form within its depths a Jade Oracle. She knew that, when she died, her spirit would be drawn into the statue, and the creatures could visit it to obtain help from her, as they had when she was alive.

However, at this time Umans had begun to spread in their settlements. Though they had not yet reached Aerie, Pandion was concerned for her homeland's future, should these destructive beings reach it. She pondered for years, perfecting a plan to protect the mountains. Plucking two of her feathers, the guardian transformed them into two beings, a male and female--like Umans, but with enormous wings. These she placed near the chamber of the Jade Oracle and gave to them the task of protecting it from those who would destroy it.