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[Closed] History of Worlde Arcane

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The First Transcriptions Of Numlock, High Scribe Annointed

As transcribed from the oral teachings of the Olde Ones in Seven Oaks.

Aniada is a continent surrounded by the Vericul Sea. In the Time Before The Sun, in the Cycle of the Seventh Moon, hundreds of Earth years ago, Aniada was ruled with the evil fist of the DARK UNDERLORD. When the time appeared at its bleakest, a glimmer of hope came in the form of a shipwreck near the port community of Seven Oaks. There a man of pure blood and impeccable character pulled himself ashore and recovered through the concealed hospitality of Seven Oaks' citizens. Soon, he began to devise a plan to rally the people of the Lands and defeat the DARK UNDERLORD.

Organizing the Warring Tribes, Orc, Skylding, Draelow, Seven Oaks and Skarn Point among others, and leading them to war against the DARK UNDERLORD and his minions, the man became known to the people as RECLAIMER. The War lasted 50 years and took hundreds and thousands of lives on both sides. Finally, through the aid of a wise Wizard, the Warring Tribes and RECLAIMER turned the flow of evil back during an epic battle below Dragon's Peak.

RECLAIMER and the Wizard confronted the DARK UNDERLORD on the very peak of the mountain and there in a colossal clash of primal magick which nearly wrenched the island itself into, the DARK UNDERLORD was flung back into his dominion and the Gate was sealed.

The afterglow of magick touched ever space and place in the land causing many mutations, and still remains in the air in certain places within the land even today. The lands became divided and segmented once again as the Waring Tribes settled back into rebuilding there homes. But all are still wary of the DARK UNDERLORDS final words as he passed through the Gate, "A THOUSAND YEARS AND YOU WILL BURN!" and that time is nigh upon us. Even now there have been reports of strange happenings within the land.