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[Closed] History of Ufaeria

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The very core of the continent's birth, its very creation, is a mystery to all ... but as with most lands in the knowne worlde it is to be assumed that the gods of olde are responsible.

The following manuscripts were obtained by those calling themselves the Order of Mystics, found in Grayhaven. They in turn were said to have received these documents from the Prophet of the Great Temple, from whom it is said Lothar speaks. So although this history was heard by the voice of the Prophet, rest assured these be the words of a god.

So without further ado, before ye lies the Great History of Ufaeria.

Haren'Onna - Reign of Beasts

The word Haren'Onna is Elven in nature; it refers to the undocumented years prior the beginning of the Age of Silence, 20,000 Y.A. ... it means "Reign Of Beasts."

Isolated from the rest of the knowne worlde by perilous surrounding waters, the opulent land known today as Ufaeria once lay literally frozen in time as the entire continent was once entirely glacial. During this time the continent was devoid of nature and forgotten by the gods: none could survive inhabiting this land or even know of the land's existence.

That is, none save the Ice Drakes. Today, they are ancient beasts of the Southern Barrens, who breathe the blue fire ... but during the time of Haren'Onna, kissed by immortality, they had no worry of extinction. These creatures roamed free and careless for thousands of years, until the age came when their complacent habitat began to melt. This was the coming of the Age of Andor. By the time just before this Age was upon them, during the very end of the Cycle of the Second Moon, the remaining brood of Ice Drakes were forced to the lands far South, a mere quarter of the continent that had remained unaffected by the unforeseen change in climate.

As the great glacier melted, the land beneath it began to flourish. Born out of the mystery of oblivion came the Unicorns. Imbued with magickal purity rivaled only by the power of the gods, these beautiful creatures began to make this forgotten place their own secret garden, and they battled with the ancient Drakes over territory for nearly a thousand years.

Ky'kalina - People of the Light

The time was now the Age of Andor and Elven settlers had arrived from a far, claiming to have followed a sacred light, the Light of Lothar, to this new land of promise.

These Elves called themselves the Faerele'ky, the Fair Kind, and in turn named the land that stretched before them, Ufaeria.

Devoted worshippers of the gods of light - Lothar and Lothia - they begin to build what would go down in history as the most sacred of structures: the Great Temple.

For the Faerele'ky, the Age of Andor was an era for the idolization of their beloved gods. They were druids of sorts, performing rituals of nature under the light of the sun, ever grateful for the divine light that had led them there.

The Unicorns enjoyed the company of nature loving Faerele'ky and together they helped make the beautiful garden that was Ufaeria prosper in idyllic elegance.

The Ice Drakes on the other hand, remained cold and indifferent towards these new settlers. It was certain though, that had they arrived during an age when the Drakes were not a dying breed, when they too roamed free and wild, the ancient creatures would have thought nothing of them except as savory morsels.

Alas, the Reign of Beasts had been long since over, and during the very end of that era, in one final battle against the Unicorns, the Ice Drakes were stripped of their immortal salvation.

They wisely kept to themselves in the cold South for they could be wounded now, like any other, they could bleed and die and that all meant that they could now be hunted.

I'yeste'Aran - The First Kings

Eight Kings were awarded to the Faerele'ky by the gods for their devotion and it would be those Arans - as they would be called in the Elven tongue, aran being the word for king - and their children who would from then on lead them throughout history.

Amanarel became King of the High Elves.

His name meant "Blessed, Royal Elf" and he was said to be the most regal paladin of all the Faerele'ky and it was this reason that Lothar chose him to lead the purest of the Faerele'ky, the Aard'ky, the High Elves. He was later given, by the god Lothar, the enchanted sword, Calivern, in order to defeat Gothrim, the Corrupt.

His bloodline is one of the few still remaining royal families whose bloodlines date back to the very Age of Andor and still hold reign over their kind to the present day.

Amanarel and his line would prove to be the greatest leaders in Faerele'ky history. House Amanarel would bring the Kingdom of Rondor to Greatness.

Nuldurith became King of the Liath'ky.

Nuldurith, the Wise, was a prophet and the last remaining wizard of the Faerele'ky upon their settlement of Ufaeria. He was chosen to lead the Liath'ky, the Gray Elves - often called Silver Elves - for his years of such enlightenment. It was his task to educate his people in his magical learnings, so that they may pass the knowledge down through the ages, so that such knowledge should never fade, and will ultimately only grow with time. The Gray Elves of Ufaeria are often called Children of the Wise.

To this day, the largest sect of Liath'ky wizards would be the Order of Mystics, who have been around since the reign of Nuldurith's first son, Nuldurith the Young.

The Order of Mystics would later become the Kingdom of Grayhaven's only hope against what became known as Haven's Plague.

Calencrann became King of the Sylvan Elves.

He was a druid-ranger and the most skilled archer out of all of the Faerele'ky and it was for his closeness with nature and skill with the bow that he was to lead Kilwaan, the Sylvan Elves - often called Wood Elves.

His name translates to the common tongue as Greentree and his line is also one of the few still remaining royal families whose bloodlines date back to the Age of Andor and still hold reign over their kind to the present day.

The Kingdom of Elderwood would later feud against The Shadow Alliance, ultimately winning the battle but consequently lose a large portion of Western Falcon to fires of war.

It was for this reason that Western Falcon became Lesser Falcon and Eastern Falcon thus became Greater.

Malalya became King of the Desert Elves.

He was given reign over his kind because of his brilliant splendor and his vast knowledge of desert life. He was Aran of the Athêrians, the Golden Ones and ruled the City of Anor, the City of the Sun, once found in the Desertlands of Ufaeria. Anor was said to have been engulfed in a tremendous desert storm, and once the storm had subsided, the entire city and its inhabitants had vanished. The storm returned a year later and has to this day never ceased. Even today, many Ufaerian adventurers search for the Lost City of Anor in the Desertlands of Ufaeria's North.

Ilmen became King of the Moon Elves.

A templar knight, Ilmen's mystery was said to have been so enchanting to the goddess Lothia, that she named the night-sky after him. It was for this, and his equal prowess in arms as well as in magic, that she deemed him the leader of the Cuthail'ky, the Moon Elves.

So the templar knight would become a Templar King and would rule in the noble city of Moonshire with his knights at his side.

Nieninque became King of the Snow Elves.

He was among the few civilized Faerele'ky who could withstand the freezing cold of Southern Ufaeria and among them he was the most dignified. He was chosen to lead the Fuar'ky, the Snow Elves - often called Ice or Arctic Elves. His kind remains the most reclusive of the Faerele'ky to current date, choosing to remain in the freezing cold terrain of Ufaeria's South, their walled city being found far away East from their more barabaric cousins, the Feeann'ky.

They are the only Faerele'ky able to tame and communicate with the Ice Drakes.

Rovaudin became King of the Wild Elves.

He was the strongest of all the Faerele'ky, but also the most wild. However, his wildness was equaled by his wiliness and his might, and it was for this that he was to rule the Feeann'ky, the Wild Elves - often called the Savages. The Feeann'ky have actually become more primitive today than they were at the time of Rovaudin's reign. They live in clans, like Barbarians, and make their home far West of the Fuar'ky in the cities of Southlinde and Port Death. Oddly enough, they have also abandoned the Elven language altogether and speak only the Common Tongue.

Aluathrad became King of the Sea Elves.

His name when translated into the common tongue, is Waterford.

He was among the Faerele'ky who arrived upon Ufaeria exactly a decade too late and all of the lands had already been divided up among the other Faerele'ky. Aluathrad had led himself and many more to Ufaeria and he felt more than defeated upon reaching the fine land. The deities Lothar and Lothia felt compassionate towards his cause, so they blessed him and those that had followed him, bestowing upon them an enchantment that would allow them to remain in the waters near Ufaeria's coast. They would adapt to an aquatic life under the sea, among all of the marine life in the UnderSea Kingdom of Aerandir. In turn, they would be unaffected by the Great War.

Aluathrad led the Ish'ky, the Sea Elves for many, many years as life underwater had slowed his aging process almost to a complete standstill and it is in fact, his own son, that rules the Ish'ky today.

These Kings built the great kingdoms and cities that would in turn make Ufaeria's very history.

Alas, not without the help of Uthicarne, Last King of the Unicorns.

For Ufaeria, beyond all its unearthly beauty was without any great river or lakes and it was becoming apparent that the Faerele'ky would not survive without a steady source of fresh water.

It was Uthicarne, a divinely magickal steed that would sacrifice his life to bestow his very essence of mystical purity into the holy sluiceways of Fhaedin Silaeir.

Without him, the Onyx and Great River would no exist and the Faerele'ky would have surely died out.

I'dae Niasa - The Shadow Alliance

A Gray Elf by the name of Gothrim became an Aran by his own right and would later lead the Doruk'hu, the Dark Elves - often called Drow or even the Corrupt. A powerful sorcerer, he was responsible for the creation of Dark Magic upon Ufaeria by making an evil pact with the goddess Lloth. It was her dark blessing that corrupted him, and his followers, with her essence.

Their very appearances changed, their skin turned a darker shade of indigo, many eyes turned black or even red, and gray hair turned ghastly white or the color of coal.

It is because of him that the guild called The Shadow Alliance exists upon Ufaeria, dark magic-users corrupting Ufaeria for their own, sick pleasures.

For 100 years they terrorized the lands. First they brought a curse upon the Kingdom of Grayhaven and an outbreak of a terrible disease called Haven's Plague swept through the city. Nuldurith the Young successfully chased Gothrim and his followers out of Grayhaven and the Order of Mystics worked quickly on a counter spell to cure the good people of their kingdom.

The Shadow Alliance then made way for the Falcon Forests but were surprised by a Sylvan ambush, though the Wood Elves succeeded in keeping the Drow out of their beloved forests they lost a large part of Western Falcon to fires of war in the process.

Lothar was enraged at the corruption of his mortals, but since he could not punish Lloth directly, he would punish Gothrim and his followers instead by giving his favored mortal, Amanarel, the power to defeat Gothrim.

A great battle had ensued and later became known in Faerele'ky history as the Great Battle of Ufaeria, many lives were lost, but ultimately, Gothrim was no match for Amanarel, and he died at the tip of his enchanted sword ... a gift from Lothar.

Gothrim's followers were then banished to the UnderNeath, the world of twisted caverns below Ufaeria.

Overtime, many a Drow had ventured out from the UnderNeath, and the race were not looked down upon as much as they used to be. Some were even permitted back inside Grayhaven walls.

They are the descendents of Gothrim's madness, but not all Drow still follow in his twisted ways.

However, The Shadow Alliance does to this day, still remain. Waiting for the time when they can exact their revenge upon all of Ufaeria, to enslave their enemies and claim the entire continent for their own.

I'niaseninelde Arandors - The Alliance of the Three Kingdoms

During the years of the Great War, the kingdoms of Rondor, Grayhaven, and Elderwood would come together to form a mighty treaty in which it was stated that should one of the three kingdoms become victim to any sort of attack, be it full out war or a skirmish, or even if there is lack or complete loss of resources, the other two kingdoms would intervene with helpful hands.

They would extend the aid of armies to one another, medicines, metal and livestock. They grew united and from this union came the United Resistance against The Shadow Alliance.

House Amanarel led the Resistance and in part were responsible for bringing Greatness to Rondor and declaring Ufaeria an Elfin Empire.

In this time, new races had begun to arise. From the Eroshen to the Centaurii'ky, to new settlers even.

Leathlings, Ogfar, and ar'Surfmen - Haflings, Dwarves, and Umans

Haflings arrived upon Ufaeria centuries after the Elves had founded the continent. They arrived in the year 4,230 Y.A. and immediately signed a treaty with the Three Kingdoms.

Since then, they have lived in the peaceful little town of Granderhoy.

They are looked upon with high regard for their ability to get along with all the races in Ufaeria.

Dwarves are the second newest settlers upon Ufaeria, but arrived long before the Umans in the year 2,000 Y.A.

The Dwarves of Morkoorod, a city found in the Bear Mountains, call themselves the Mogan while the Dwarves of Highland Valley are generally termed Highlanders.

The Mogan are probably the most anti-social race upon Ufaeria, with exception to the Arctic Elves.

They give off quite an indifferent attitude towards other races.

Valley Dwarves proved to be a little friendlier, residing in Highland Valley in the town of Sharnn and have remained in constant trade with Granderhoy.

Umans are the newest settlers upon Ufaeria, they are probably the least common race upon the continent. They in fact arrived during the Cycle of the Seventh Moon in the spring of 340 A.R.

These Umans hold only one small city in Ufaeria to their name, and that is the City of Chalice Surf found on the coast of Harbor Bay, eastern Ufaeria.

Most Surfmen are very respectable towards the other races, but they demand that respect in return.

The Faerele'ky look to the Umans with mixed emotions, mostly because they chose to build their port city too near Fhaedin Silaeir, the holy Elven sluiceway.

I'liathrim - The Gray Council

The Gray Council came into power in the year 444 A.R., taking over for the previous rule of House Nuldurith's monarchy in Grayhaven. Or rather, power was handed over to them by House Nuldurith, who collectively felt it was time to retire their claim on the throne. They are still looked upon as the Grayhaven's token royal family.

Completely disregarding the fact that The Shadow Alliance was responsible for the Haven's Plague of 15,010 Y.A., they shocked all of Ufaeria by abandoning the United Resistance in order to allow those few good-aligned Drow back into their kingdom after having been exiled for centuries.

Whether or not this was a grave mistake has yet to be seen.

Tuulo'Nuin Ron Ere - From Beneath, They Rise

With the United Resistance now a part of Faerele'ky history, the threat of the return of The Shadow Alliance seems imminent.

Strange things have been happening in Ufaeria, especially in Grayhaven, for the past 100 years.

King Kallodur Raahoon Amanarel, descendant of Amanarel, of the Great Kingdom of Rondor suspects the possibility of corruption within Grayhaven's Council and fears for both Rondor and Elderwood - not to mention the other cities of Ufaeria - about the possible threat that lies not only next door but from the UnderNeath as well.

No longer confident that Ufaeria can fully rely on Grayhaven against The Shadow Alliance, Kallodur has secretly sent emissaries out to different lands, thus breaking Ufaeria's cloak of secrecy that has kept the land secure in its own isolation for so long.

Among these emissaries, it is believed he has sent his own daughter, the heir to the Rondoran crown.

Gods be with them.