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[Closed] History of the Wolvians

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Part 1 - The Guardian of the Veil

In the beginning of time, when the gods of the Worlde Arcane were being born and taking their places, one god singled itself out and gave itself a task. She had no name or at least not one she was willing to speak, and at first she sat back and watched. 

One thing she noticed was that mortals often moved too easily into the spirit realm and came back again, there seemed to be no-one who was guarding the portals from one realm to another, and thus her course was set She sat and judged and defended the barriers between those who were living and those who were dead. 

She spent many hundreds of years sitting and watching as spirits left the mortal realm, hoping to move into the spirit realm, but were denied as their mortal bodies still held life within She also stopped those who had already died from returning, for they had to be processed by other gods in order to be re-born, the Spirit Stuff being used again. 

After time, however, she realized that she would need help, that her task was too big; for although she possessed godly might, she was still but one being and the barrier between life and death was a large one. Unlike some gods, she did not possess omni-presence and could not be everywhere at once. 

Part 2 - The Great Wolf 

The goddess had little to work with at the beginning as she had no Spirit Stuff to create her own vassals with. As she had made herself guardian of the Spiritual barrier, she could not abuse that privilege by using those spirits that she blocked. However, as the Worlde Arcane changed and as life grew, she noticed one race of animals, not truly sentient, but they had a strong pack orientated life, they live hard and well, defending each-other and helping each-other, and yet they avoided other races, instead hunting away from the forming villages, towns and cities of the higher races. 

The goddess approached this race, taking on their form, appearing as a large wolf and she spoke to them. 

"Your kind impresses me, so I offer you a chance. I shall raise your kind; in return you shall help me to defend the Veil from those who would breach it. What say you?" 

The leader of the pack looked at this large she-wolf, and then looked at those who followed him He nodded, "We shall accept your offer." 

At first nothing changed, except that the Wolf pack noticed that thoughts came easier to them and they could see more of the Worlde than before, the Spirit realm was now visible to them. This they learned was the beginning of their new god's gift, The Great Wolf was now theirs to follow. 

Part 3 - Early Wolvians 

Still, the wolf pack hid away from other races as the change The Great Wolf had started may have been threatened should other races find these wolves. With each new generation of wolves born they slowly changed, their hind legs becoming primary, their height growing, their form changing to a similar form as the wolves had observed in other races. 

Until one day the Alpha-wolf spoke. "We are no longer wolves," he said in a language that was new to The Worlde Arcane. "We are Wolvians and our kind will grow." For with each wolf pack they met, that pack also started to change. 

The Early Wolvians were effectively all SpiritMasters, although at the time, they only had the powers of Spirit Sense along with a early form of Spirit Strike and Spirit Shield. These Wolvians had the power to aid The Great Wolf in her task in keeping the Spirit realm and the Mortal realm apart. At this time, their power was free to them; the Goddess incurred no charge to them for using their spirit power. 

However, time changes all things and eventually the number of Wolvians who possessed the SpiritMaster power waned. In some, the power changed so they were able to manipulate their own spirit in order to cause incredible changes. Either to increase speed, toughen their skin or hide their presence. In others, the power strengthened, gaining new depths and powers. Then there were those who lost the power altogether and yet remained Wolvian. 

Part 4 - Lore gained and lost. 

In the early times, upon gaining their new forms and powers, the Wolvians decided they should mingle with the other races more, for trade and sociability. For a while this worked. There were accepted, however, time alone had given the Wolvian people a sense of arrogance. They were the defenders of the Veil. Others should bow to them. 

Led by a young Black Wolvian, Gree, the Wolvians attempted to control the other races. For in most cases they had greater size, strength and speed, the Spirit powers just made it all the easier. The early races would have none of it though; for they possessed the numbers, if not the powers, and in some cases Magick, which none of the Wolvians possessed. Thus, The War of the Wolf started. While in truth not a great battle, it none-the-less had lasting effects. 

After the events of the War the Wolvians went back into solitude; moving to areas that had no life already there, they continued their task set by The Great Wolf. However, she was not pleased with them for abusing their powers in such a way. It was then that she chose to speak to all her children as thus: 

"You have abused the power I gifted you with, it was meant for the defense of the Spirit realm and to aid those you come into contact with, not for control of other people. From this day forth the use of your power will reduce you back to the beast you once were."

"Learn to use your powers wisely or else my gift may be stripped from you entirely. The greatest punishment will go to my child Gree, for he led this battle. I charge you and your direct followers to move to the Underneath. There you shall protect the spirit barrier with all you have and for the rest of your life. Gree will now be titled Gree-Agraa, Alpha male of the Black Wolvians. You shall forever be my servant, my first Chosen one" 

From that point on, any Wolvian who practiced their power ran the risk of returning to their bestial state. There were those who did not believe this and continued to use their gift without care, and eventually returned to the wolf form they once were. Others learned their limits and practiced their gifts carefully. However, none forgot the message from their Goddess and the message was passed down in each Clan as a reminder of the mistake made. 

Part 5 - The Reclaimer 

The Wolvians hid away for a long time using what powers they had left to defend their own and continue the work given to them by The Great Wolf. It was through this work that they discovered of the coming war against the Dark Underlord. 

The Dark Underlord was working against the Wolvians and for much of what they stood for; he worked to set back The Great Wolf and the Wolvian people. At first, the Wolvians were not certain what they could do. They had lived well as individual Clans, but they did not work well as one coherent race; too many Alpha-wolves could not work together. 

It was then a man who was known as The Reclaimer visited some of the Clans. Somehow, he had known of their powers and how the Clans could best be used to aid him in his battle against the Dark Underlord. Unfortunately, the Wolvians were too few to be used as an army, though they were capable of turning the tides for other armies. 

The FleetFoot acted as scouts and quick strike teams. The SteelSkin acted as defenders for critical locations. The GhostWalkers acted as spies, stealing into enemy camps and gathering information or used scare tactics on the less intelligent races. Lastly, the SpiritMasters had many roles Some worked as healers, aiding to heal with their knowledge of herbs, some kept morale high by using their Spirit powers positively, and there were those who used their powers to sap their enemies spirits and ensure that certain dark Magicks failed to work effectively, especially those regarding death and the raising of the dead. For those Clans who aided in the battle against The Dark Underlord, they had their powers returned in full without cost. 

Part 6 - After-effects 

Once the battle against the Underlord had been won, the Clans returned to their homes, however, the Reclaimer had left instructions for certain Clans. They were to move to critical points around the Worlde. These selected Clans retained their knowledge of the Forbidden Lore in case they needed it again. Though, the other Clans were not told of this and continued to believe that the Forbidden Lore, was indeed forbidden. 

To this day, Clans of Wolvians exist all over the Worlde. Some have changed their fur colour, adapting to where they live. Some still know of the Forbidden Lore, and some do not, but all know of the price they would pay if they ever abused their powers again. Many races have forgotten the Wolvians involvement in the war, now believing the Race to be merely packs of Lycanthropes and were-wolves, a belieft not aided by the Wolvians willingness to live secluded from the Worlde. The Wolvians trade rarely and only with those they know they can trust. 

The Great Wolf watches and guides her children, but will punish those who do wrong, for no other god will accept responsibility for them.