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[Closed] History of the Skylds

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The following additions were obtained from a near-dead, half-frozen Scrybe who had barely escaped the icy clutches of the barbaric Northlands. He claims to have learned of these histories in the Great Hall of the Skyld seated beneath the Great Fire itself. He related the following histories just before succumbing to his injuries.

The Birth of the Skylds

During the war between the Ancient's and the one called Chaos, when the Ancient's inhabited the world. One of the lesser Ancients took a uman lover as her mate, she chose Skylding the largest and strongest of the land dwellers. VaMelthil the younger sister of Melthil, did not bare the flames well, but she was most beautiful and bore a strength of body next to none. VaMelthil was not well favored among the Ancients because of her quick temper, vengeful nature, and gone against the unspoken rule of not taking a Arcane mate.

When the war with the Corrupters was over, VaMelthil had fallen to the Evil ones. It is said that she charged a legion of Hobgoblins, backed by Draelow and his men, but when she looked around in the mist of the battlefield Drealow was not there and VaMelthil was overcome by the horde. (till this day the Skylds distrust Dealows more than any other Umans).

Skylding took the body of his lover, along with their 7 sons (Fyre, Olvasford, Rhoona, Osterlo, Vamgard, Ranviki, and Lursak) and the rest his family, and headed north away from the rest of the weak UMANS. Coming to the northern most part of Aniada past the rolling hills he buried his love and built his mighty hall atop her.

Here is where he would raise his family, he no longer cared what would happen to the Umans, let Chaos have them all. Skylding would stand alone, strong and quick of temper. The Warrior would protect his children an take what he wanted from the Umans and the Ancients if need be.

Skyld's sons were strong and mighty, together they defended there new land against the Frost Gaints (ogres) that roamed their new plains. They were a tight knit group, accept for the youngest. Lursak who frequently gave into fits of rage and anger. Lursak swore vengeance on the lesser races for the death of his mother. Fyre the eldest of thebrothers tried to comfort Lursak, and did so for some time. (but that is a different story)

Norse Gods Come to the Skylding

A blizzard had gripped the great Northern lands for nearly three months withour break and the Skyld's were beginning to starve and die.

Skylding an old warrior by now could not have this, so he clad himself in many furs and took up his great bow and javelin, and set out into the frozen tundrain in search of prey.

For two days the North man traveled. Finally he found the tracks of a great boar. After awhile he came upon this beast. When suddenly lighting struck the boar and a great red-haired warrior appeared. Skylding furious at the stranger, roared in anger. "You will not take my children's meal!" The massive stranger turned to him an smiled, then with his hammer struck the ground and the whole worlde flashed.

When Skylding could see again he was in the great hall of Valhalla. A great table was filled with all sorts of slain beast, and great horns of mead and ale adorned it. At the end of the table sat another great warrior with a jeweled eye, an at his feet sat two great wolves. Some how Skylding knew their names, the warrior was Odin the (Allfather) and the two wolves were his, Knowledge and Wisdom. Around the table sat many others; Thor the one with the great warhammer (the thunder god), Tyr with his fiery eyes and one hand (the god of war), Freya the beautiful, Odin's wife and leader of the Valkyries (goddess of fertility) and more. Odin the Allfater spoke "SKYLDING, WE HAVE BEEN WATCHING YOU, AND YOUR WAYS PLEASE US! REVERE US AND CALL UPON US FROM TIME TO TIME. The Allfathers voice bommed like thunder in Skyldings ears. Then a flash shot forth form his jeweled eye and when the worlde came back into focus Skylding was stand outside the gates of his great hall dragging 3 great boars.

That night at a feast, Skyld told his children of the gods, Odin,Thor,Tyr and the rest. Skyld and his clan swore to worship them. Odin was chosen to be worship chiefly among the gods by the brothers except Vamgard chose to worship Thor and Lursak chose Tyr as their primary figures. Thus starting the relationship between the Norse Gods and the Skylding Emperor.