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[Closed] History of Thapelel

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This torn page from a larger volume was found on the Continent of Thapelel under an ancient stone believed to be the cornerstone of a great castle. Not only does it give insite to the inhabitants of the continent in ancient times, but also documents one of the first accounts the Scourge of Skylds.

Thapelel has been inhabited be intelligent life forms since the beginning of time. The first race believed to emerge here is the Dwarfs of Gopago Rumple. It is also known that the native Uman tribes has been here for several thousand years, living off the rich natural recourses of this tropical continent. At the time of the destruction of Dor OčLim, a few Elves emerged, who had fled just in time before the disappearance of their own civilisation. Thus, the three most common races of Worlde Arcane where represented in Thapelel. The three races lived in relative harmony with each other, with only a few minor conflicts between the Dwarfs and the Elves.

About three centuries ago, a mighty Skyld, Donal Eriksson (Donal, the Son of Erik) came to Thapelel. He arrived on this peaceful continent with his murderous band of warriors and started to build a colony. They brought with them terrible diseases and weapons of steel, and those two things decimated the native tribes to near extinction while the Elves and Dwarfs retreated into secluded parts of Thapelel to avoid the bloodthirsty Skylds. The few Uman natives that survived where used as slaves.

There where several bloody uprisings during the reign of the Skylds, so finally, Donals descendants where forced to ban slavery and make Thapelel a free place for all men and women, whether Skyld or not.

Because the Skylds brought no women with them when they came here, they soon found wives among the natives, and it is therefore almost impossible today to see the difference between true natives and the descendants from Donal Eriksson and his men.

One must point out that the Skylds did not just bring misery and famine to this beautiful continent. They soon found new ways to process the sugarcane into many different products, and also the refining of tobacco, a product known now all over the Worlde as the Cigar. The natives had for long mixed together herbs and flowers to manufacture perfume, and all this has made Thapelel one of the most popular trading nations for merchants who wish to purchase exclusive and exotic goods.