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[Closed] Dream Visions Of Brodaic, Dark Wizard

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Legend of Worlde Arcane

The following chapters were found in the burning ruins of the Dark Citadel of Brodaic, the other chapters were never discovered. These First Four Chapters appear to document the Chronicle of the Ancients, the following chapters must document the shaping of the Lands as we know them.

Chapter I: Chaos Order Revolution

Before time, before terror, before war, there lay the infinite plane of the shadows. The countless stars of the Void, drifting endlessly within its great fabrics. The lifeless, dark, and empty planes. The forever cries of silence, the eternal calls of death. There lay nothing upon the planes, and who can say how many eons have passed since then.

Then came the First Fire, the Melody of Creation, and the Rhythm of Chaos. Ever changing, never staying, galvanizing and perpetual, burning forever within the Void. What was, is, and will be belongs to the Melody of Creation. From Chaos, all creation sprang, and to Chaos, will all creation end. From the First Fire, light sprung, and lit the stars, numbered them, and became their strength.

Shortly after the numbering of the stars, the molding of the planes, there sprung the First World. Greatest and eldest of all planes thereafter, the First World became the most powerful within the ranks of the Melody. The drifting forever, the cries of silence, the calls of death ended. There came the First Order, from which sprung the Balance, and from which sprung the Laws of Life. Thus by molded within the Melody of Creation the Laws of Life, and though the Rhythm of Chaos sounded it not, Order became life. By thus, the first people were made.

Dwindling upon the First World, there came the Age of Silence, for then the power of Chaos was stronger still, and the Rhythm did whatever it can to dissuade the first people from their righteous passage to Order. Thus by came the Breaking of the Melody, for by dissuading the people, Chaos broke the Balance and by thus damaged the Melody. No longer powerful enough to retain the First World, the Melody receded into the mists of the Void, leaving Chaos alone within the realms.

Thus Chaos blamed the first people for the receding of the Melody, and gathering the forces ever changing it came to destroy them. But the First Fire rose in return, and the stars were furious, and from anger came strength. Chaos battled the First Fire and lost, by thus it was locked within the barriers of Balance and sealed forever until the end of time, whence all shall recede into it.

So ended the Age of Silence, and the first people found again their righteous pass, and most continued upon it. Though some, dissuaded and corrupted by Chaos, turned from their travel into Order, and fell eternally within the shadows. Unknown was their passage, for written only in the Passage of Sorrows was their tale, and it was lost for ages since creation.

Those strong and faithful survived the passage, and by so came to perceive the glory of Order, and given to them was a piece of the glory, of the flames of Order, so that they may nurture it in their hearts, and sing forever the Melody of Creation. These people became known as the Ancients, for they were by far wisest and most mightiest amongst all which sprung afterwards. But little did they know, that overshadowing them all, still watching patiently, was Chaos.

Chapter II: The Dawning of Andor

What was, is, and what will be is the Melody of Creation, the song forever. For each passing moment is a note within the perpetual verses of the ages, each passing age sung by the Ancients as it passed. The song that had marked the beginning, and in time define its end.

As the worlds became peaceful once more after the defeat of Chaos, and after the righteous voyage of the Ancients, the Melody of Creation wove another verse. Stronger than the others, a verse that meant the beginning of the second age, following the sorrow that had encompassed the realms in the first age. A single note changed the First World, and it became known to those who inhabited it as Andor, kingdom of Order, kingdom of light. Thus begun the Age of Andor, the greatest, and perhaps most glorious age since the beginning, and until the end.

The age of joyfulness, merriment, love, and power. The age of building, the age of peace. It was said that within the infinite planes of the shadows, a light flared and illuminated the eternal Void. The voice of Andor was heard even in the furthest corners of the planes, the realm of the Ancients begun anew. And with Order and Balance by their sides, and with the Laws of Life to vision upon, the young Ancients went forth, and shaped their world.

There was Ardol, First of the Ancients, King of the Ancients, and his lady Sharil, Queen of the Ancients, amongst the most fair and yet most bold of the Ancients. Their sons were Addol First Prince of the Ancients, and Addin Second Prince of the Ancients. Addin was strong and proud, bold but not reckless. He wielded the flames of Order more greatly than any other Ancient, even surpassing his father. Addol was lesser than his brother in might, but he was wiser and more learned in the ways of the Melody, and he perceived a greater aspect of the Laws of Life, the building blocks of power, than any other Ancient.

Then there were the four sisters of Ardol. Gilsian Lady of Balance, amongst the first to perceive the flames of Order and to walk upon the righteous path. Teri Lady of Order, most greatest in the arts of creation, for she perceived the Laws of Life greater than any save only Addin Second Prince of the Ancients. There was Vyilan Messenger of Ardol, and while she was weak in all forms of power, she was great in charisma, and she often solved petty squabbles between the lesser Ancients. Finally there was Keelian Holder of the Flames. She possessed the flames of Order, and gave it to the creations of the Ancients as she saw fit.

And the Rhythm of Chaos saw its release in the doings of one of these, but then it did not know who it shall be. Long it held sway in silence, controlling the fate of the Ancients through a minor Ancient known as Melthil, most fairest of all Ancients. She was the daughter of Altira and Jkolal, but she inherited traits from neither. She was queer amongst the Ancients, and though she was well respected for her beauty, she was often denied of vision of the Laws of Life, as well as shunned by most, if not all, of the siblings of the Four Queens. For this she easily fell sway to Chaos, but Chaos saw its release not within her. For Melthil was an Ancient, and all the Ancients of the planes, corrupted or not, held no sway in what one of their master, the First Fire, had forged. It was the price they were forced to pay when perceiving the glories of Order. But Addin respected her, and found her charming. He was the first to fall into the darkness.

For Chaos manipulated Addin through Melthil, and bid him to shape the Worlde known as Arcane, meaning Mystic Realm. It gave Addin through visions and dreams the wonders of the new realm, and promised him great power and dominion, and promised him also that Melthil shall rule by his side, becoming his queen. Addin, without consulting his brother or his father, a grievous mistake, quickly gathered his might and sent force the callings of Balance. The Laws of Life he passed down into the new realm, and then watched as the people begun to grow from the earth of this new world. He did not saw the darkness approaching.

When the people became mighty enough, Addin called to them and gathered them to his great halls, with his lady Melthil at his side. He told them of the wonders of the Ancients, the gods of all the realms, and told them that one amongst them was to go force and earn ultimate power. The decision of this came to Melthil, and she responded firmly, still guided by Chaos. Finally, Kellon of Arcane was chosen and sent forth into the realm of the Ancients, and there he learned great and majestic knowledge from Addin and Melthil. When Kellon returned to Arcane, Addin spoke to him concerning the Rhythm of Chaos.

"Thou must know, that if thou ever sing the Rhythm of Chaos alone and unaided, that thee will become tainted within its boundaries. That it will break through the walls of which the High Gods have set, and devour thy world. This warning I give thee, return well, and do not pass the Rhythm of Chaos to any but the most trusted, farewell!"

Kellon, a faithful believer of the Balance and Order, nodded in return and did as he was bid. He passed the knowledge down to Tellon his son, who in turn passed it down for many generations until it came by to Taslon. Then things went ill, for Taslon was a harbinger of power in his youth, dreaming and fighting for it his whole life. The Balance and Order did not foresee his folly, and in time Taslon found that what powers and glories Chaos could offer were innumerable. Thus, singing the Rhythm of Chaos alone and unaided, passing the grim song that was sung never into the peaceful Void, Taslon brought doom upon Arcane, and in time, Andor.

Chapter III: Of the Fall of Andor and the Exodus

Though that the ever vigilance of the First Fire encompassed the planes, it was said that the Rhythm of Chaos was like a host of writhing snakes, escaping through crevices no matter how small. Forever eluding the watchful eyes of Order, dancing upon the shadows of doubt and fear. As such, though wise was Addin, he was unable to see through the thick fog of his own heart. Ironically, through the gifts that the flames of Order has bestowed upon the people, Chaos has found a way to breach its prison.

From the depth of the heart of the worlds itself sprung a flame, a flame bright and wild, the Flame of the Rhythm. Its wrathful passage was an unspoken tale of terror and great sorrow. The peaceful balance of the universe was disturbed, the link broken, forever lost within the Void. None survived under the passage of the Rhythm. Whomever heard the dread song did not live to see the lights of another day, for not only was their bodies destroyed, Chaos also consumed their soul.

And then the people of Arcane pondered, and doubted, and from doubt came a great fear. Within that fear Chaos found the strength it needed to sway the hosts of Arcane under its control. Many, though not all, fell under the shadows of Chaos. The Rhythm grew stronger with every soul that submitted its will, every life that was smothered below its shadow. The wild energies of its flames sped along the lands, bringing terror to the yet undecided, bringing death to the resistance.

Those who came under the sway of Chaos were shunned upon, and gave shun in return, to the greater part of the people of Arcane. They were named the Corrupted Ones, or the hobgoblins, tainted by the will of Chaos. But the Rhythm had gathered enough, and hiding within the depth of its cloak of power lay a dark and sinister plan waiting to be hatched. Chaos sent upon the holy land of Arcane, at the doorsteps of the gate of Addin, a call for challenge. Those who cared still for Addin bid him of the danger, and tried to persuade from what was destined to be his doom.

But Addin nevertheless came to confront Chaos, reluctant to flee the world he loves. The day that he answered the challenge was the day he sealed his doom, and forever recorded was the fabrics of its sorrowful tale. Woe be he who does not know that what hides within his own heart was a peril greater than he had ever perceived. Bearing the mighty voice of Andor, the song of Order, he held the great Rhythm at bay. And from the times of this day till the momentum of the End, the war cries of Addin in the face of Chaos was sung always. As the thunder that erupts from the sky, bearing his pride forever.

For long days the two forces struggled, Addin and Chaos, but upon the Eleventh Day Chaos spoke.

"Why does thou oppose me? Thou knows that thou cannot win."

Addin did not answer at first, deeming it a trick, but then a great pride sprung within him. "I do this for Arcane, and for Melthil whom I love."

Chaos laughed, a laugh more vile and mocking than any other. "Does not thou know that I control Melthil? That she was but a pawn within my grasp? Arcane was but a tool which I used thee to forge, thy fate has already been sealed."

Then Addin was troubled, but he did not sway. "Thou would say anything to ensure thy victory, be gone!" And the fire of his might rose in anger, Chaos swayed but did not fall. Fear was forgotten by the Rhythm, for it knew its victory was at hand.

For then Melthil came to Addin, drawn by the will of Chaos. Addin looked at her, puzzled, and within his heart a doubt that numbered beyond his memory sprung. Solemn but mocking, Chaos commanded her to destroy the Ancient. It bestowed upon her a sword made of the coldest of steel, forever known afterwards as Kinslayer. Melthil raised the sword, but she did not let if all. And then Chaos exerted all its control over the Ancient, and Melthil fought in vane against the great Rhythm. Finally, with a whispering voice, she spoke to Addin. "Will thee, Prince of Andor, forgive me?" She asked, and then plunged the sword within her own body. Her love, in the end, rose before the values she held for life. The cold steel of the sword was stained with her warm blood, and Melthil fell.

Addin gave a great cry, a bellow more sorrowful than any other exerted by Ancient or mortal thereafter. Chaos broke forth, and in a moment of grief Addin swayed, and doom fell upon him, covered him, and smothered the flames of his eyes. But at his dying strength, Addin crawled before the body of Melthil, and he softly whispered. "Melthil, for you, I forgive." And then he too, died. Falling upon the body of his love, the one who betrayed him, but whom had earned his forgiveness in the end.

Thus ended Addin, First Prince of the Ancients, greatest wielder of the flames of Order, and thus too ended Melthil, First Lady of the Ancients. Upon where they lay when death overtook them, where the earth beneath was soaked with their blood, the blood of the Ancients, grew a forest gloomy and dreadful. A forest where the despair of Addin and the sorrow of Melthil intermixed. A forest as dark as death. Melthil’s body Chaos ordered the Corrupted Ones to crush and defile, it remembered the insult it took upon her refusal to submit. But the body of Addin Chaos took and with a power beyond the vilest of corruption and the most devious of incantations, it made the Ancient whole once more. But he was Addin no more, for the darkness of despair had blinded him, and Chaos had corrupted him. Thereafter, he was known as Nazriel.

After the resurrection of Nazriel, Chaos’ sight went to the fair kingdom of Andor, and it sought revenge. Upon Arcane it left Nazriel and the Corrupted Ones to finish the war which it had begun, and then upon the wings of darkness Chaos begun what was known as the Great War of Chaos.

Before Chaos had neared Andor or had breached its borders, the Ancients had known of its coming. Ardol, King of the Ancients, gathered the Ancients to a great council. Though greatly grief struck at the loss of his son, Ardol was a great and proud Ancient still, and he did not sway even when faced with overwhelming odds. He united the Ancients, and together they faced the doom that befell.

What came after was a war as recorded in the Andorian history as the greatest war that have been fought, or ever will be fought. The might of Andor and the tainting of Chaos met in blazes of sudden glory or death. For times, Truth held Lies at bay. Order deterred the might of Chaos. But the flames could only last so long, and the people of Andor could not be replaced as could the servants of Chaos. Amidst the flames and the overpowering darkness, amidst the web of deception and doubt that sprung within from woe, Andor could stand no more.

Lost in its own turmoil of doubt and fear, the Kingdom of Andor fell at last below the tides of Chaos. The lands of the heavens were replaced with burning remains of what once was indeed great. The might and fairness of the kingdom of Andor was but a memory vaguely remembered by those who survived the war. But even more sorrowful was those who have died, the flames of Order quenched within them. Those who were the First, and if not for the interference of Chaos, was to be the Last..

But through the darkness, through the burning lands of his home, one Ancient alone arose to perform the final task that must be done for the glory of Andor to be preserved. The people he once held dear now mostly lay dead in the burning lands of his home, but he did not weep, the tears have all been shed already. His heart burned with the spirit of the Ancients that were forgotten throughout the war. His courage rose, his pride returned, and within them, he found hope once more. He was Addol Second Prince of the Ancients, wisest of the Ancients. Gathering all the Ancients whom were left, Addol made the bitter decision that they must depart from the dying lands of Andor. For the dream that they had forged upon its lands had been destroyed, the Ancients awoke from it to find themselves embroiled in a greater nightmare.

As the last of the lands of Andor slowly faded away, the Ancients departed from their realm, and upon the wings of their eternal song, they traveled to the lands of Arcane. Though their journey was dark and terrible, falling always under the grasp of Chaos but never for long. Under the leadership of Addol they came through the bitterness and brought upon the doomed world of Arcane a new hope never before known.

Chapter IV: Of the Alliance

A great peril fell upon Arcane with the depart of Chaos, for Nazriel was a cruel and wicked servant of Chaos, and he directed the Corrupted Ones to destroy all whom they found. From the pits of his dark abode, sprung terrors that brought waves of evil and shadow upon the people. Yet, all was not lost, what flames that might’ve been left upon the people was roused in the midst of the ashes, the light sprung from the darkness. He whom had received the first gift of Addin, whose love for the lands of Arcane were second to none other, rose. He was Kellon, and under his leadership Nazriel faltered and begun to sway.

It was then that the Ancients came upon the realm of Andor, pursued by Chaos. They brought hope indeed, but also doom, doom of Chaos. Addol gathered what forces he could from the Ancients, but even as he told them to be hopeful he had already lost hope. The war was lost before it begun. Addol cursed the one who led Chaos upon them, but then it was that Kellon, under many perils, came to him.

Thus it was, that the first time in all of existence, that the Ancients allied themselves with the mortals of Arcane. Lend to them was the Stones of Andor, the mighty power forged by the Ancients in their glory. And then they made war against the Rhythm. Slowly, but firmly, they held ground. Through courage and determination, the hosts of hobgoblins were fought back. Wailing into their underground caverns built in haste for protection, and Nazriel was defeated, by the power of Addol and Kellon combined. But too was Addol slain in the battle with Nazriel, and with his last words Addol spoke to Kellon:

"Let the truth be known that you shall be my successor, as I was Ardol’s. Lead my people and yours to victory, farewell!" And he closed his eyes and forever departed.

And then Teri came to Addol’s corpse, and within her timeless eyes she saw the doom of Arcane. She wept for the loss of her nephew, but even more, she wept for the hopelessness. But even then Kellon did not loose hope, the high king, too, stayed by the side of Addol even after his depart. When Teri came, Kellon turned to her, and asked why she wept. The Ancient told him that Addol was the only hope the realms had, without him, all is lost. Kellon shook his head at this, and said:

"Lady, weep for the loss of a great and wise leader, but do not weep for thy grim vision of the realms. For as long as I stand, Chaos shall not have its way."

There was a resolute tone in Kellon’s voice, and an adamant light within his eyes. Teri looked to the simple mortal, and within him she saw a hope, she saw a light, she saw love. It was then, that finally the Ancients and the mortals have been united as one. For with the death of Addol many Ancients lost faith in the mortal kin, but Teri restored it to them. Many mortals lost hope in the Ancients, but Kellon brought it back to them. Under their guidance, the people sprung, and within their hope, they discovered a flame so bright that it could never be quenched. Under the sky overshadowed by Chaos, shone upon by the dying light, they who are weak banded together, and the flame that came from within shone more mightier than the flames of Chaos. From the mortals, seven were chosen to wield the Stones of Andor, from which they drew strength enough to sway the tides of battle. In a war no tale can relate, but rather, written within the great song that was eternal.

The forces of Chaos is stronger,

Stronger than the shadow and the light,

And with the powers of its followers,

It shines with majestic and fright.

But to the tales of this day it was told,

That Chaos was forced to behold,

The power that was Order,

The force that was forged by hope.

For one day the people would spring,

And within their midst a power shall show,

Placing itself upon tomorrow’s shining,

Into the heart of the snow.

And within that magnificent moment in the final battle between Chaos and the wielders of the Stones, Kellon strode forth and summoned from beyond the realms the First Fire, and with him Teri stood, her eyes upon the sky, the flames within her burning more brighter than ever. The love and hope of the two rose, and their flesh was burned away by the flames of the First Fire. But remained was their spirit, their adamant courage, and it bore a melody as sweet as a mother’s lullaby, as serene as the soft splashing of waves, encouraging, majestic. Its midst seemed to hide the momentum of history and the forgotten truth. To those ears whom found it familiar, it was mother, it was father, it was all that had infused the universe in the first eon before time. The Melody of Creation sings on, undisturbed.

In that moment Chaos was utterly defeated, for there came the First Fire, and it sealed the Rhythm into itself, never to be freed again. The Rhythm thus faded forever from the face of all the worlds, its last wail trailing forever in the infinite planes of the shadows.

Thus by peace was restored to Arcane, though the face of the world was broken and scarred. The Ancients separated themselves from the people of Arcane, knowing that never could gods and mortals live as one. For the flames given to them were different, each having their own place in the great song. They returned to the charred world of Andor, and there they forged a haven, but never as fair or as great as Andor had been, from which they watched over the people of Arcane. Forever thankful they were of the aid the mortals lent them, the aid that defeated Chaos. In the songs that they forged thereafter, both among mortal and gods, were told of the sacrifices that Kellon and Teri, which though sorrowful, brought the blessing of peace down upon the lands.

And yet, through all the joyfulness and merriment of peace, a shadow still lurked far below the realms, waiting, bidding, planning for its time to strike. For under the depth of earth, in the fiery darkness that was thereafter known as the Underneath, there sat Nazriel upon his dark throne. A soft snicker escaped his lips, and the lands trembled beneath the vision of what was to come.

Note: And thus concluded the Chronicle of the Ancients.