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[Closed] About the Great Vault of Histories

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"... When the time appeared at its bleakest, a glimmer of hope came in the form of a shipwreck near the port community of Seven Oaks on Aniada. There a man of pure blood and impeccable character pulled himself ashore and recovered through the concealed hospitality of the citizens of Seven Oaks. Soon, he began to devise a plan to rally the people of the Lands and defeat the Dark Underlord ..."

Great Vault Of Histories

Here in this vast chamber lie the acquired tomes of written Histories of Worlde Arcane. It is the task of this vault to protect these Histories and ensure their preservation. Many Annointed Scribes have given their lives to this task ... and to the seeking out, restoration, and conservation of yet-undiscovered Histories. Annointed Scribes quest forth to discover or collect these Histories. Some are oral histories, such as the History of Aniada, handed down from generation to generation before finally being collected by an Annointed Scribe and written carefully down on treated parchment. Others are found artifacts, such as the Dream Visions of Brodaic Dark Wizard, which were discovered in the ruins of the now-lost Citadel Of Brodaic.

Those seeking knowledge or enlightenment are bid welcome to enter, but all instruments of violence must be left at the door.