Today is of the Cycle Of The Seventh Moon.
Current Season & Month:  , Year: 543 A.R. (ref)

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Estate Interior (Ground Floor)

The interior of the Syltamul Estate screams of olde money and generations of prestige. Portraits of the Syltamul Family, all of whom held positions of power in Liathildor, line many of the hallways. Thick carpets protect the polished hardwood floors, and one will find many antiques decorating tables and bookshelves. The work of many famous Elven painters (all originals) crowd the walls. The ground floor is home to the Kitchens, Dining Halls, Sitting Rooms, and the Guest Quarters. The East Wing is made up of a series of lavish ballrooms that can be opened to connect with one another. It is here where many grand parties are hosted, including the (in) famous Syltamul Masquerade Ball.
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