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[Closed] Dieties of Arcane

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Following is a list of some of the deities appearing in storylines over the past few years. Gods & monsters, as in all works of fiction, exist in Arcane only as an exercise in fantasy and as such have no basis in reality other than the context of this game. This list is presented as an item of interest only, and should not be considered representative of any player's personal religious beliefs or those of the management of Worlde Arcane.

Gods of all Arcane

The One


Tyr - God of Justice

Piscius - God of Fishermen

Arkhamos - God of Life and Death

Protesios - God of the Vericul Sea

Sotar - God of Fear and Darkness

Khenus - God of War and Battle

Enio - God of the Forge

Joro-Tull-Gelp - God of the Sky

Zor - God of Blood

Peter - God of Good Cheer

Goddesses of all Arcane


Shiena - Goddess of Nature

Arainrhod - Goddess of Light

Amorea - Goddess of Love, Marriage, and Family

Faran - Goddess of Peace and Prosperity

Jayna - Goddess of Music and Dance

Hreta - The Pale Goddess

Strictly Skyld Gods and Goddesses

Odin - the God King

Thor - Warrior God

Tyr - God of Justice

Khanius - God of War

Prosius - God of Water, Boats, and the Sea

Enius - Goddess of the Forge

Strictly Halfling Gods and Goddesses (Gods of H'jeck Daru)

Sheela - Goddess of Nature

Jeck'Hal - God of Wits, and Trickery

Gholu - God of the Feast, Wealth, and Treasure

Strictly Elven Gods and Goddesses

Lothar (God)

Lothia (Goddess)

Loth - Goddess of the Drow

Strictly Dwarven and Gnome Goddesses


Orem - God of War

Dar - God of the Forge