Today is of the Cycle Of The Seventh Moon.
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The trolls of Worlde Arcane live in isolated areas such as dense forests or in the mountains. Too most people trolls are just something they scare their disobedient children with, but they are in fact very real.

Trolls are huge creatures, standing more than four feet over an average man. Their skin actually takes the form of the surroundings around them, in minutes their skin will grow moss and bark when entering a forest. Therefore trolls are very hard to spot, most people have encountered and even touched them without even knowing it. They speak a very crude language, much similar to umans and their slow manners gives them a quite humorous impression.

In general they are very peaceful, and avoid humans and other creatures by just not moving when they are near them. Trolls have an incredible digestion system that can digest almost any type of materials, even wood and gravel.

They often live alone and shun others of their own kind, but sometimes they live in packs of three to four individuals. No one really knows how they reproduce. It is a myth that trolls turn to stone if exposed to sunlight, but they do avoid moving about during daytime because it makes them even slower than usual.

Trolls get their bad reputation from their adolescent children who get together in more populated areas in groups of five to ten and harass anything around them. They are utterly mean and can rob local farmers of livestock or even kidnap umans from their homes. They seldom kill other creatures other than by mistake, and because they are unaware of their own strength, this happens quite often. When the trolls gets older they stop this behaviour and go off to live by themselves.