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Others of the Lands.

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The TonDen
Age: 11
Race: Magickal Construct
Occupation: Wanderer
Alignment: True Neutral

The TonDen is a nightmarish creature somewhat resembling a giant insectoid centaur. It stands nearly twelve feet from spiked hoof to the top of its featureless "head". The great bladed "wings" which sprout from it's "shoulders" extend even higher. Four reverse-jointed legs support a body with two pairs of arms; one set massive and equipped with three-pronged claws for lifting and crushing, one set nearly human-sized with six-fingered hands capable of fine motor work. A blank oval sits atop shoulders, much like an immense Umanoid head, but the hows and wherefores of the TonDen's brain and senses are a mystery. The TonDen's skin can be translucent and lit from within by blue-hued light, or black and opaque as a starless night.  

  • The TonDen's monstrous appearance inspires terror in even the bravest of souls, restricting it to dwell only in uninhabited lands.
  • While it has a great store of arcane knowledge remaining after severing its connection to its former master, the TonDen spends most of its time observing and contemplating the worlde around it. It rarely reaches a conclusion in a timely enough manner to act in response to outside stimuli or situations.
  • Though it is magick-sensitive, the TonDen does not know how to spellcast on its own. 
  • While physically strong, the TonDen is very susceptible to magicks. It is a construct of Blue Ash and the White Drow magicks holding it together can easily be unravelled by a knowledgeable spellweaver.  
  • The TonDen can be controlled by other sentient beings. When another person has direct contact between their flesh and the TonDen's carapace, if they call out a simple command accompanied by strong thoughts of action, the action will be carried out by the TonDen, whether it wishes to or not.
  • The TonDen has immense physical strength, speed, and a dominating presence.
  • Its carapace consists of a crystalline armor that is difficult to pierce or damage.
  • The TonDen can establish an empathic connection between itself and any creature it touches directly. 

The TonDen was created as a golem of the Blue Ash by a White Drow necromancer. It was constructed and then rendered down to nothing as she willed for many years. With each revolution it's form and feeling changed. Eventually the quasi-intelligent construct became aware of its own existence, though it was still a slave to the master who continued to treat it as a mindless tool. 
A chance violent encounter with another sorceress resulted in The TonDen becoming the collateral of a bet between the two witches, and it was through this contest that the TonDen gained its freedom. What this strange monster will do with its newfound autonomy remains to be written.

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Duilliath of the Aescbourne


Age:  Youthful Appearance, True Age - indeterminate

Race:  Greater Aos Sidhe/Aescbourne Sidhe

Occupation: Traveler, Seanake, Story teller, Vagabond, Sorceror. Once Upon a Time:  Hero

Alignment: Neutral


Duilliath, like most members of the Aos Sidhe, has a native form that is generally human or elf-like, but to a greater degree of height and striking appearance. The Aescbourne known as Duilliath, as one of the Children of the Aesc, is very tall, long of limb, and whipcord lean. his dark ruddy brown hair, the color of mahogany, is worn long, usually braided or at least gathered to prevent it from obscuring his vision.

He has pleasant, angular features, with high cheekbones and an expressive mouth usually set in a wry or sardonic smile. His skin is smooth, with a hint of fine lines about his eyes. His gaze is considered 'unsettling', partly for the color of his eyes, but also for the thousand meter stare he has, as he observes and analyzes the multitude of layers he sees. His eyes, unusually for one of the Sidhe, are very dark, chips of obsidian that appear to make his eye seem pupilless. The dark orbs, when they are fixed on another, can be very discomfiting.

He typically dresses for the road, in serviceable riding or walking clothes, dark brown or grey trews with a dove-grey or manila linen shirt; a diagonal sash in grey, green, heather and blue in the tartan of his Kith fastened by a Sidhe-silver claiomh brooch crosses his chest from left to right and a cross-chest sword belt or dark leather crosses from right to left.

He wears a variety of rings, but about his neck is the twisted Sidhe-silver of a torc. At his breast, a deep green prism of uncertain manufacture is occasionally visible.

He carries a variety of weapons as the situation demands: a few knives, a short sword, a horsebow made of composited strips of bone and aesc wood, and a long, broad-bladed spear.

He is often seen in the company of a variety of animals, including a black and white cat or crow.


Duiliath's greatest weaknesses are borne from the long tedium of his existence, surivor's guilt, the inability to let go and simply Fade like his Kith-kin, and his Pride. Physically, as with the touch of all things Sidhe and Fae, the presence of iron can cause him pain and injury - his reaction can be anything from a minor irritation to a fatal or near-fatal poisoning. For this reason, many of his tools, buckles and fasteners are bronze or other metals that lack iron.


He wields elemental magics and is considered a Masterclass Creator and Coercer, with which he can summon and channel energies to change Reality around him. That can include the physical state of the world or the behavior and motivation of its denizens. In practicing his elemental magery, he has in the past relied upon various foci, incuding some living elemental beings - living in the sense that they have 'existence' and inscrutable motivations. His own blood is a potent fuel for sorcery, and he may use it intentionally to enhance one of his spells.


Duilliath Suilleach, known as The Fool, The Traveler, the Seanake, among other things, was born to the Eold Wood Kith of the Aescbourne Sidhe. One of the last of that slow-replenishing race to achieve existence, he has been witness to the rise of factions that eventually erupted into fighting forces that eventually damaged or destroyed the ancient Cities: Roniah, Goriah, Muriah and Finiah.

The conflict that devastated the Aescbourne and their kin had been fought across cneturies, across many worlds and used many client races. It ended in a Pyrrhic victory, one that left the few Aescbourne remaining in possession of the field, but there was little enough to sustain them there. The conflict had ruined everything and what litte was left, save Duilliath himself and his Hearth in the Eld, remained.

It should be revealed that this is not his first trip to Worlde Arcane, in those elder days he had distinguished himself as a Sorceror, Warrior and Rogue. Then, as now, he had come seeking a refuge, but in those days, he had found that refuge with his formerly lost lover, Raivynn. That was a long time ago, now, and that past was closed - but the Worlde Arcane remained a refuge that he had long held in regard.

Immediately preceding his most recent return, the forces of the Other were gaining the upper hand, so desperate was the situation that the Sidhe and his allies broke that other world, casting many away into the formless dark, but trapping others in the dying realm or in nearby realms.

Duilliath stepped through the rift he had summoned to fuel the Sealing of the World of Blood and Ash, unsure if he would be torn apart to fuel his own Spell... and arrived, much the worse for wear, at the Menhir in the Rosewood.

Duilliath Suilleach Seanake, Fool and the Traveler Who Lost a Kingdom

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Pioloss - Master Assassin / Dhampir


Physical Description.


Tall and rangy, Pioloss’s features are more often than not hidden beneath the deep hood of the muted, earthen coloured robe that he is never found without. On the rare occasion that his hood does come down (which is near exclusively when he is hunting and freedom of movement and vision becomes a necessity) his features are sharp and angular with intense grey eyes. Not given to smiling at all, his face looks like old leather due to a lifetime spent outside in the elements, though he is notably pale due to his primarily nocturnal schedule. The smell of garlic follows him wherever he goes, and as well as his dual silver daggers, Pioloss always has a number of sharpened hardwood stakes secreted within easy reach beneath his robe. 




Pioloss is an accomplished Pyromancer, though he requires the use of a Tinker Dwarf made flint and steel contraption to generate the initial flame which he can then manipulate in a number of ways.




Pioloss grew up on a small, isolated farm about two days’ walk from Seven oaks with his parents and twin sister Daria. 

But he was orphaned whilst in his early teens when a passing Traveller turned up at their door, begging sanctuary from the raging storm outside. But the moment she came inside Pioloss noticed the feral glow from her crimson irised eyes, the way her jaws yawned open impossibly wide and the scythe-like teeth contained within. What followed then was a scene of such absolute horror that it would be burned into Pioloss’s mind from that moment on, changing the once bright, inquisitive youth irreparably, and forging him into a man driven only by hate, sarcasm, and the burning need for revenge. 

Barely escaping with his life and leaving the mangled, empty bodies of his family behind him, Pioloss never stopped moving after that night. He came close to death several times at first, before through trial, error, and sheer unbending determination, he began to learn how to survive a life on the road, though it is worth noting not always through completely honourable means. 

Years later he began to hear rumours, snatched whispers from dark corners in seedy taverns of flame eyed monsters with dagger teeth that fed off of the blood of others - and of the men and women who hunted them. 

Before long Pioloss found just one such Hunter, and begged him to take him in, to train him and teach him all that he knew of Hunting and killing the foul creatures that had orphaned him. Pioloss was an eager student, who in time even came to surpass his master. But no matter how many Vampires met the true death by his hand, it still wasn't enough. It never would be until he could once again find the one who had taken his family from him and send her screaming into oblivion.

Eventually Pioloss set out once more on his own, having always felt more comfortable by himself than with others. But all too soon the frustrations borne from years of fruitless searching began to catch up to him. Pioloss began to drink. Alot. Too much. He was still careful, always making sure to drink early during the day so as to be alert and ready when again the nighttime came. But the constant abuse of alcohol still took its toll, dulling his senses and slowing his reactions, slowly at first, but always and insidiously there, lessening him with each and every tankard. So when finally he caught that fateful glimpse of a too familiar face, a pale face that hadn't aged a day since the night it was burned into his memory, Pioloss wasn't ready. After a brief but intense battle, mercifully he managed to escape with his life, or so he thought... 

For unbeknownst to him at the time, Pioloss had already fallen victim to the very same incurable, terrible affliction of those that he had hunted for so long...




Survivalist - Long years alone on the road have made Pioloss proficient in living off of the land in hostile environments.


Pyromancer - Pioloss is able to manipulate existing fire, though the ability exhausts him if used for more than brief increments. It also severely affects his vision for a time after any use at all.


Master Assassin - long years spent Hunting the undead, whose senses and abilities far outstripped his own, has taught Pioloss the importance of the element of surprise. His reflexes have also been honed to a razor sharp point and he can be just as deadly in a brawl as he is from the shadows.


Vampiric strength and speed - Having succumb to the same condition that he has spent his life trying to eradicate, Pioloss is able to move much faster than an ordinary Uman and is twice as strong. But using these vampiric abilities only hastens the change within him that he is so desperate to avoid and further exacerbates his overwhelming need for Uman blood.




Anti social - Years spent alone have made it difficult for Pioloss to pick up on certain social cues and he can often find the dynamics between groups of people to be confusing. This can cause others to view him as being abrupt or sarcastic when such was not his intent.


Weakness to fire/ sunlight - Pioloss’s condition renders him extremely vulnerable to fire, making his Pyromancy all but useless except for in the most desperate of situations. 

For the moment he is able to exist in the daytime, though bright, sustained sunlight will weaken him considerably and he can feel the effects growing stronger with every passing day.


Alcoholic (recovering?) - what started as a couple of ales to take the edge off after a hard night spent Hunting the Undead eventually turned into a crippling need. Since being turned alcohol no longer affects Pioloss, but still the craving still remains, or is it something else which he now craves?


Blood Craving - Pioloss’s every waking moment is dominated by his constant, ever increasing need to feed on Uman blood. It severely limits his effectiveness in battle, causing him to become distracted to the point that he is completely unaware of anything else other than the sight and smell of the blood from the moment it is first drawn. 

So far he has managed to control the need, but Pioloss knows that it will only take one time, one single slip up, and his transformation into one of the Undead will be complete, condemning him to a life of eternal darkness...

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Samarsoe and Nankefe

Sister Predators of the RoseWood




Status: LPCs (Local PCs, linked to a specific location)

Race: Harpies

Age: Unknown & Inconsequential

Alignment: Chaotic Evil


The twin sister harpies of the RoseWood, Samarsoe and Nankefe, are as old as the forest itself. Or at least, that’s what they believe and know. As far as they are concerned, they are part of its mysteries and secretive ways, daughters of its darkness. They live in a small nest-like hut, pup in the canoy of the woods, preying upon those who lost their way. Dark owls at night serve as their spies, informing them off the wayward folk seeking their path in the forest. The twins lure their prey to them with a sweet, melodious, charming song, eager to devour their flesh.

Both sisters look like hideous hags, with giant vulture-like wings. They are dressed in rags and will attack with their claws and their crude wooden clubs. Samarsoe has green hair, wings, and toenails, while Nankefe has dark purple wings and hair, and orange toenails. Beyond that, the twins are almost inseparable, and act in unison.

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