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The Orcs of Churt

The Black Orcan are the masters of their domain. They reside mostly in the middle of the city. They are the most common Orcan, used for guard work and enforcement. Their banner is a black background with two white fangs, dripping with blood.

The White Orcan are a mystical oddity. They are the only magic users of the Orcan bloodline and therefore feared as different and ostracized for it. However, they are a necessary evil. The White Orcan are unable to speak, and use hand gestures, and mind speak. They live near the Citadel in the shadow of the King ... for protection. Their banner is a white background with a black pupiled eye on it.

The Red Orcan are fierce and small. They are the warg riders, and primarily the raiders of the Orcan. They drink and are rabble rousers for the most part. The area they reside in is the closest to the docks. They are ever ready to sail or ride. Their banner is a Red background with black wolf on it.

Lastly are the Green Orcan. These folk are by far the less intelligent of the Orcan inhabitants. Used for basic labour, they possess a strength that surpasses even the Black Orcan. They are limited in their ability of magic, therefore their tusks are unadorned. They are brutish and quickest to anger, they act rashly, and seldom care to reason out a situation, preferring to solve it with bloodshed.

The rest of the populace consists of the Grey Orcan. They are the common people of the race, and fill the numbers in the armies that inhabit Churt. The Grey Orcan banner has a Grey background with an Axe and Hammer crossed.

The Glare Orcs

Little is known of the origin of these beings, for a few centuries ago by magick and fire they purged all record of their history. The Glare Orcs who today wander the Worlde hold a bitter resentment at their forebears, who stole their racial memory and imposed existential and rootless lives upon their descendants.

Glare Orcs are so named for two reasons: because of their fierce black eyes, which can pierce the very soul of a person upon whom they turn their gaze, and also because of their pale gray wrinkled skin, which puts one in mind of a piece of meat having been left out in the sun too long.

These Orcs are of above-average intelligence. Some are wizards in their own right. They are all fond of gambling, especially with the Orcan of Churt. Glare Orcs wander singly or in small groups, from city to city, usually disdained but tolerated if they pay their way (which oft requires "a little something extra" for their hosts to abide the orcs' presence). They shun the wilderness, and do no hunt.

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Özkrat Llamabreath

Race: Red Orc of Churt 

Age: Mid lifecycle 

Occupation: Cobbler, craftsman and tinkerer

Alignment: Chaotic neutral 


  • Common folk may not take too kindly to orcs in many places… a fact not helped by a fearsome appearance. Özkrat’s own people turn their enlarged proboscises up at him as well as artisans are a lower caste among his martial clansfolk.    
  • Standing at just three feet tall, Özkrat’s diminutive size can make it difficult to navigate spaces not built for any creature bigger than a gnome or uman toddler.
  • Easily awed by those he sees as civilized or intelligent and bred to be a minion.  
  • Although unaware of it, Özkrat is an arcane focus of some significance. Magick may intensify in his presence.


  • An artificer of many talents who unintentionally weaves Magick into his works. For the most part this happens so subtly as to go unnoticed… but occasionally there are variances in the undulations of arcane energies.  
  • Nimble, speedy with keen senses and excellent night vision. He is a good rider and excellent shot with a sling or bow. 
  • Always seems to have or can fashion the right tool for a job.


Özkrat is a smallish but otherwise typical goblinoid red orc of Churt. He is diminutive in size with blood-red skin, spikey jagged teeth, enlarged ears and nose. His flesh is marked with brands, scars, black tattoos, and decorated with soot. To apply his trade among umans and others he encounters on the Lorimar Road, he dresses in inexpensive but well tailored clothing of a gnomish merchant. No longer a soldier of Churt, Özkrat has exchanged his warg mount for a shaggy (similarly dispositioned) suri llama named Værg. 


Unwelcome in Churt or the places he’s been outside of it, Özkrat struggles to find a place in a hostile world. He has tried to fit into the travelling public on the Lorimar Road by donning the clothes of gnome rather than an orc and even trying to disguise his accent. These efforts have however only resulted in an even more outlandish appearance accentuated by a comical, muppet-like voice.   


Özkrat was whelped to a litter of squalling red orcs in Churt’s wild environs.  As is the custom of his people, he was immediately placed in an orc agoge (a residential military training camp) to be forged into a warg rider. There he learned warfare, stealth, hunting and mastering the temperamental wargs; along with deference to power, murder and violence. Özkrat did not make a good soldier and was thought to be simple. He was relegated to more menial tasks, eventually being placed in a labour corps. It was there he learned to be a craftsman. Although talented in this regard, the horde had little regard for anyone not employed in a combat role.

Unbenounced to Özkrat the commander of his horde had become embroiled in scandal. To save his honour he brought his warriors against another’s but his gamble failed... losing both the recovery of his name and his life. Branded rebels, his horde was disbanded and Özkrat found himself suddenly unemployed. While brutal, the agoge and army provided him with the only structure and purpose he had ever known. Absconding with his tools and a llama he left Churt via the Skull Road. 

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