Today is of the Cycle Of The Seventh Moon.
Current Season & Month:  , Year: 543 A.R. (ref)

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Most of the Haflings are between 3ft and 4ft in height. They enjoy fishing, gardening, gossip, and GOLD. Typically they are shy, quiet and mind their own business. However, dare to provoke them and you won't be laughing long at their cute little furry feet.

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Baldor Tupae

Halfling (Probably)

Age: 78

Occupation: Rogue

Alignment: True Neutral 

Baldor TupaeSM


  • Small in stature, he believes himself quicker and more clever than most.
  • He can play most musical instruments and charm with a song.
  • His repertoire of jokes and puns is unmatched.
  • He's more outgoing that your typical halfling.
  • He is resourceful...



  • Women, especially well-endowed human women.
  • He's not usually tall enough to see trouble coming.
  • He gets chilled easily and loves a warm bed or toasty fire.
  • He seems to be perpetually hungry.



Thin for a halfling his mismatched clothing never seems to fit right. He has a mop of curly hair upon his head and grey mustache & beard. He is usually dressed as some sort of fighter type, but rarely carries himself like one.

His favorite instrument is a banjo, though he rarely has one as they keep getting used as a makeshift cudgel in barroom brawls.  



Baldor left the shire at the tender age of 48, chased out when a marauding army of Red Orcan came through foraging in the most aggressive sense. This stimulated his sense of adventure as he sought to rebuild his fortune quickly, though he has gained and lost sufficient sums to restore his home several times since then. His future is clear in his mind, as he settles rich in a new shire with a wife and child. The reality is he can't hang onto his money long enough and may have a gambling addiction.