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Gnomes are closely related with dwarves. They are noticeably smaller and not as rotund as the average dwarf, and not as grumpy. They do not prefer to live underground as their distant cousins, but they have a tendency to live in the mountains or in rocky areas. Most gnomes are somehow involved with the processing and trading of gems and jewellery.

Gnomes have a lively sense of humour, and are popular among other civilized races because they are very easy to get along with. They are very peaceful, and seldom use violence to solve problems. They do share their hatred against goblinoids with dwarves, and will not trade with them under any circumstances.

Some gnomes are also accomplished magickers.

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Vjerdt of Vizhinm

Ice Gnome

Age: 38

Occupation: Ice Magicker

Alignment: Lawful Neutral 





  • Very adept to cold weather, and will feel comfortable in high mountains as well.
  • As an Ice Magicker, Vjerdt is capable of using ice and water in innovative ways. He is particularly trained with ice and snow, but can utilize water as well (to a lesser degree of success, but still to mostly good results).
  • Vjerdt is a brilliant magicker, but resents the fact and tries not to act upon it.
  • While timid, Vjerdt could be dangerous in battles.



  • Suffers and slow in hot weather.
  • Vjerdt is shy and rather naive. He only recently left the isolated Ice Krowne and has very little knowledge of the worlde outside the Krowne. 
  • While kind and gentle, Vjerdt learns in his travels that there are darker emotions within him. His experience with the Worlde outside of his sheltered community brings out of him aspects he did not know before - such as deep anger at times, restlessness, or distrust towards the Worlde and its inhabitants.



Vjerdt is a rather skinny gnome. His eyes are crystal-blue, and his skin is very pale. His hair is light turquoise, long and braided. He has a small goatee.

Vjerdt wears a grey-white tunic under a layer of furs, which he will probably discard once he travels further south. Runes of Ice Magick are tattooed on both his forearms, his nape and surrounding his navel. These are all hidden by his clothes and glow when he casts Ice Magick (the glow is unseen as long as the runes are covered by clothes). He carries a dagger made out of a never-melting ice shard. 



Vjerdt, son of Vjerdt, grew in a secluded community of Ice Gnomes called Vizhinm, at the Ice Krowne. Showing much promise as young Ice Magicker, he enjoyed a privileged life and was destined by the shamans of his tribe to great things. However, it was precisely the burden of expectations that drove him away. Unable to deal with the destiny he was prophesied to fulfill, he sought the first ship that would take him away from the Ice Krowne, embarked upon it as a stowaway traveler, and sailed southwards – furthest away from any “fate” he had come to resent. He was found by the ship’s crew, and was unceremoniously dropped off at the nearest port – in Kiana.


[[OOC: This will be gradually edited, as I learn more about Vjerdt by playing him.]]