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Elves are creatures similar to Umans, but are much more slender and gracious. You also recognize them because of their large, pointy ears. Another distinguished feature is their eyes that are more catlike than Umans. Elf age slower than most other races, it is not uncommon for some to reach the age of five hundred years or even more. Due to this fortunate advantage, many Elves are skilled mages or scholars and give the impression to be wiser than the average Uman. Most Uman decease has little or no effect on Elves at all, but they are not as physically strong as Umans, and they too will bleed if you cut them.

There lives Elves all over Worlde Arcane but there is no known Elven settlement of greater significance, most live as loners in the woods, in small villages or within Uman communities.

Dark Elves resides in the UnderNeath, but few who ventures there return alive. Dark Elves are similar to ordinary Elves, but their skin is much paler, their hair darker and above all, most of them has red eyes, which give them quite a scary appearance. All of their mages are necromancers or users of dark magick .

All Elves, whether dark or not hate Goblonoids with a passion. They also have a strong dislike for Dwarfs.

For more information on Elves, see l" rel="nofollow noreferrer ugc">The History of Elves

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Irihi Spokelse


AKA: The Weapon of the Mad King, The Curse of Seven Oaks, The Atrocity

Age: 115 / 5798 (Relative / Absolute)

Race: Spectral Elf

Occupation: Sorceress/Monster

Alignment: Chaotic Evil


Deceiving. Irihi presents as an Elven female of slightly above-average height. She has long jet-black hair. Large eyes with pale violet irises belie her ancient heritage as a proto-Drow. Irihi is finely-featured with long dexterous fingers and pale, nearly translucent skin. She is proud of her appearance and takes pains to maintain herself in a "presentable" form.


Irihi seeks power and privilege only in the pursuit of personal comfort. She has almost limitless abilities, at times, but lacks the control and discipline to use them to secure her relatively modest wants.


  • Inaudible to those awake on the physical plane of Arcane. Considering her disposition, this could be considered fortuitous.
  • She has no strength, endurance skills, or physical (including combat) abilities of any kind.
  • She is a sociopath unable to function normally in society for any extended period.
  • Her magic is mostly strategic rather than tactical and it is out-of-phase with the material world, existing mostly as illusion. When Irihi does manage to manifest her sorcery on the physical plane, it is extremely temperamental, and rarely effective.
  • She is conditioned to follow the orders of others and has trouble with autonomy.
  • She is only partially anchored to the world of the living. Strong light causes her to involuntarily phase out of the physical world.
  • Irihi is strongly prejudiced against all other races besides Elves and makes no effort to hide her disdain for them.


  • Irihi is able to shift her presence into the spectral plane, rendering her effectively invisible and untouchable except by cross-planar/magical means or objects. Enchanted or hexed objects can still affect her in this state.
  • She wields necromantic abilities with the power to destroy cities, when she is able to properly manifest them on the physical plane.
  • Her magick is fully effective on the spiritual plane. She can also speak to those who are asleep, dead (ghosts), and those entities who are sensitive to the metaphysical.
  • Her body is more of a necromantic construct than a living organism. While she can be "killed" she has the tendency not to stay "dead". 


Irihi's history in Arcane is long and storied. She was born as an Aardk'y Elf in the lost land of Dor O'olim. During the end times of that doomed continent she was recruited and trained as a battle mage wielding the dark art of Primal Necromancy. After an encounter with chaotic forces far more powerful than her own, she was cursed to be frozen as a statue for millennia. Over the ensuing ages, her statue was transported to one of the lands of present-day Arcane, where she revived, completely unfamiliar with the modern worlde.

Irihi fell in and fell, if not in love--then at least in love with the idea of being--with a Uman of noble blood (and mysterious powers). Her betrothal to him acted as a stabilizing influence while she followed along on his adventures, tolerating them until such a time as she could retire to the reasonably-comfortable life of a Uman noblewoman. She was quite displeased when he was abducted and she was left marooned on the Isle Obscura. 

Irihi drifted across the lands for years. Never having bothered to learn--and perhaps not having the capability--to live among the "mongrel races" it might be more appropriate to say that she burned a path of wanton destruction across Arcane. She sank ships in Seven Oaks harbor, dueled with another sorceress on the Lorimar, raised a zombie horde to torment Terajin, and summoned a greater fiend that nearly destroyed northern Aniada. 

Eventually, she drew the attention of the great powers of Arcane, sparking The War to control the Weapon of the Mad King. The northern Hafling city-state of Kiana was severely damaged during a battle between the forces of Men from Daelows, Orcs and Goblins from Churt, Drow from The Underneath, and Elves from Ufaeria. Before the battle's end, the wizards of Greyhaven absconded with Irihi. 

Since the Battle of Kiana, little has been heard from The Curse of Seven Oaks. It is thought that the mystics of Greyhaven may have managed to contain her for the time being. How long they can control Irihi remains to be seen.