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Compared to other humanoid races, the Aeros are not strong. Skin tones vary from golden to coppery brown, with hair ranging from blonde to bright red. Dark hair is unusual. Eyes are often lighter as well. Aereos can see as well as any hawk, with sharp clarity over a mile away. A full-grown Aereos has a wingspan of over 20 ft, and can remain airborne for an hour of heavy flappy, and longer if gliding. The wings are remarkably flexible, and can be folded neatly almost flat against the body- to be hidden with a cloak if necessary- but the real purpose is not to snag when exploring the caves of their homes on Mount Etheral of Isle of Aerie. These weyrs are hollowed out further whenever possible, making travel on foot hazardous in these craggy mountains. They have evolved an elaborate system of terracing the peaks, and hunt the larger beasts that live in the valleys. Their main form of contact with other civilizations is through the human port, Olosyc, on the eastern edge of the island. They are highly intelligent, and not entirely confined to their own society.

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Miiya Aether

Status: NPC in the "Help Less" quest

Age: 15

Race: Aeros

Occupation: Bard

Alignment: Lawful Good


  • Small and light, Miiya is not very imposing and her ability to do heavy labor or engage in intense combat is quite limited.
  • Miiya was sequestered away from the worlde by her mother, Sen, for most of her life. Though she has been a quick study during her last year on the road with her brother, Cahron, she is still not very worldly and lacks experience.
  • She has a magickal fire knack that causes her to lose the power of flight depending on use. Lighting a match might shave a few leagues off her range, while throwing several fireballs will result in a period of total flightlessness. This ability is now dormant or possibly lost.
  • Miiya has become a Storm Dancer. While this confers great strength and endurance, it comes at the cost of losing flight. Depending on how, and how long, she "dances" she can shave a few leagues off her range, or lose the sky altogether. Overuse of her ability can result in heart arrhythmias causing unconsciousness or heart failure causing death.
  • Storm Dancers' enlarged heart and lungs are extremely susceptible to impurities. Poisons, venoms, and even everyday toxins like smoke or alcohol have an oversized and potentially deadly effect on her. 
  • Miiya requires much more sustenance, even while at rest or when not aviating, in order to sustain herself, now that she is a Storm Dancer. Starvation is a very real threat and even moderate caloric deficits can prevent her from flying or "dancing." 


  • Like all Aeros, Miiya can fly! Though she was denied the sky for most of her childhood, she has spent every possible moment of the last year on the wing and has become a reasonably skilled aviator.
  • Miiya is a skilled practitioner of the Aeros martial art of Q'oo Tal
  • While her skill as a bard is only average, her unique instruments, high soprano range, and unique upbeat nature make her a crowd pleaser, despite the occasional missed note or pitchyness. She has also picked up acrobatic tumbling and comedy routines under her brother's tutelage.
  • Miiya has innate elemental fire magick, though this skill is undeveloped.This ability is now dormant or possibly lost.
  • Miiya has become a Storm Dancer. She is able to manifest, for short periods, immense strength for an Aeros--on par with that of a full-grown Orc. She can also fly, fight, or perform other strenuous activities, without rest, for exceptionally long periods while "dancing". 
  • Besides increased cardiovascular function, a new sheath of cartilage and muscle tissue has encased most of her skeletal system. She is more resistant to injury, especially large bone fractures, than other Aeros. This allows her to use her increased strength without necessarily damaging herself.


Miiya is a sprightly Aeros girl of short-cropped brown hair, winning smile, and enormous tawny wings. Her features have an uncommon foreign inflence not found among the descendents of those from the Mountains Ethereal in Aerie. Her wings are more oversized than full sized, indicating that whatever her mixed heritage, she is a full-blooded Aeros.


Miiya's childhood was spent under the strict tutelage of her mother, Sen, in Greater Daelows. Sen's monmaniacal focus on academics, as well as a mistrust of those around her meant that Miiya grew up with few friends and "relatives."

Occasionally Miiya managed to escape her cloistered existence to go on brief excursions and adventures with "Grandfather" Osu or "Uncle" Li, the owner and bouncer of the Rising Sun Inn and Tavern in the slums of Daelows, where Miiya's mother works. Visits from her brother, Cahron the wandering bard, were THE highlight of her life until she joined him on the road.

Miiya was excited beyond words to escape Daelows and go travelling with her brother. She has thrown herself into flight training, busking, and barding with enthusiasm her mother could only have wished for her to show toward scholarly pursuits. Still, Miiya learned that every year on the road is a hard year, filled with as much peril and discomfort as fun and adventure. She worries about her mother and the intrigues of Daelows that caused Sen to relinquish Miiya into Cahron's care, and has been thinking, lately, that a lifetime as a wandering bard might not be the dream fulfilled that she imagined it to be.