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[Sticky] Refer a friend, Get a Worlde Arcane Almost-Quaffing Cup!

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Refer a friend and one of my winged minions (USPS) will bring yew a Commemorative Worlde Arcane Cup! FREE!  It's almost a Quaffing Cup!  

mug referral

Of course, yew'll need to send me yer mailing address where yew want it sent because the minion is just slightly brain addled and gets lost easily..  Almost impossible to conjure good help.. 

Here are the rules;

1. Yew must be a Citizen for at least 30 days.

2. Yer referral must be a Citizen for 30 days.

Can't get any easier to get a free Almost-Quaffing Mug than this!  So get out there and encourage yer friends and acquaintances to join because its good for them! (wink, wink)

If yew don't have any friends, well, I understand the feeling, few of us Worlde Arcane nerds do, but here is where yew can get some... Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, that thing that sounds like a clock... writing or game groups or forums yew may inhabit during yer sad times away from Worlde Arcane....

If yew have already done all of the steps above... WELL MET!  Just send me a missive so I can check the Citizen registry and the Worlde Arcane Almost-Quaffing mug is yers! FREE!


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