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[Closed] The City and Seaport of Seven Oaks

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Seven Oaks Village & Seaport

Some 1,500 citizens make their homes in Seven Oaks, and up to another 1,000 sailors, merchants or travelers may be in the village at any given time. Seven Oaks is primarily a seaport community and as such citizens earn their living catering to shipping industry, or in providing merchants with the goods and supplies needed for inland caravans. The citizens also maintain a good agriculture base as well as raise horses and cattle. Fishing is also a major industry of Seven Oaks.

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The Town Proper

1. The center of the town square surrounded by the seven oak trees that give the village its name. It is also the center for town meetings, festivals, as well as, judgements and public executions.

2. Seven Oaks Inn, well-known tavern and inn.

3. Seven Oaks stables.

4. NamBalm OutFitters, Finest in Travel and Adventure Accesories

5. The open merchant's market. Here samplings of goods and foods from the Seven Oaks area and around Aniada may be found. Often times a merchant will rent a booth long enough to sell enough goods to continue his travels. Seven Oaks farmers and craftsmen also sell their produce and products here.

6.The slum.

7.Merchant's and mariner's warehouse where large quantities of trade goods are often stored prior to transport.

8. Harbor Master and Good's Inspector

9. Wharf

10. Lantham's Carpentry, Rigging & Tackle, Ship Repaire

11. The Fountain Grove

12. Lorimar Road, to inner Aniada.

13. D'naNd's Sailry and Repaire

14. Pidney Clothier, Pants With Pokets

15. Some homes of Seven Oaks citizens.

16. Snod The Buryier,

17. G'jool's Fine Goods & Curiousities

18. Ellium's Herbalist & Healer, Specialty Mixes

19. Smed's Smithry And Armory, Fine Swords - Horse Shode

20. Temple of T'Kata. Adventurers may enter the temple to receive healing, trade weapons and armor or just relax. Throw coins in the fountain of T'Kata to gain wisdom and advice.

21. Hall of The Consortium. Contains offices of the Mayor, the High Scribe Annointed to Seven Oaks, and the Room of Records. It also contains the Consortium Chamber were the Houses of Seven Oaks decide important issues.

22. The Keepe. Housing between 100 and 200 Daelow Guard, many trained in Seven Oaks by Commander Tobias, the Keepe provides a certain measure of law and order to the city.